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Is it okay for me to keep changing my avatar?

Asked by tinyfaery (42542points) July 14th, 2008

Is it bothersome? I like change. I notice most don’t change their avatar at all (not you wildflower). Why not?

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Well, I don’t notice really but I usually wait a while so it can soak into peoples brains.

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Change it all you want. I change mine pretty often, too.

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Laziness. That’s all. And you can’t upload through iphone, so oh well. I don’t think its bad at all to change your picture.

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I think it’s very much a personal choice. I find it disconcerting at first, but I get used to it quickly.

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It’s not a problem to change you avatar. I can easily read your user name under the pic. It’s little harder to find your friends when the avatar changes, but not impossible. That is yet another reason why the My Fluther feature is so cool. I can check it whenever I want to see where my favorites are.

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Its your life

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I don’t have my fluther. I know this has been addressed. Anyone have the link?

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It must still be in the trial stage, and not available to everyone yet. But once it goes mainstream, you’ll love it!

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I just did..

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can’t tell what it is

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Garden of Earthly Delights Very Nice!

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Personally, I don’t mind.. it’s fun to switch around with your moods or if you find an image you suddenly like a lot more.

By the way, my face doesn’t normally look like that.

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“We fear change.”
-Garth Algar

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I’m a bit changeable too (as you indicated in your Q), so I think it’s quite alright to reflect that in your choice of avatar!

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Life is mysterious. Yes!

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I changed my avatar again. Just want to let you know that I plan to leave it, at least for awhile.

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Why ever not? It’s yours. Change is exciting. Predictability is safe. Most of us like one better than the other. When it comes to avatars, why would any preference matter but your own?

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If I changed mine with my moods, the damn thing would blink like a rotating GIF. :D

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probably doesn’t matter, not anymore than changing your Fluther name does.

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I’m going to keep changing mine about once a week, just to keep everyone guessing.

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