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What is this addictive site?

Asked by Panina963 (21points) February 20th, 2015

I googled the correct terminology for the word geat grandmother in Yiddish and found a few responses from this site so checked it out and was pleasantly surprised to see all of these intriguing questions AND answers. Where am I? “I could just sit and read for days. Thanks for not making me feel like an idiot… PLEASE, it’s been. a really difficult/devastating week for me and I’m asking seriously. It’s not me joking around. I feel pretty ignorant asking what is going to be simple answer. I just want to make sure. I had a TBI which has left me with 8 subderal hematomas and 2 minor strokes since January 5th. I have devere memory loss as well as double vision so I’m a little slow to say the leastand I apologize if I’m breaking protocol or etiquette in anyway and apologize for punctuation and “typos”, doing my very best. Thank you, I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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I know, right? This place is the online version of the “Hotel California”. I’ve been here for almost 7 years now and still haven’t located the exit.

Glad you’re here, have fun!

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Haha, thought you said “shite”
Yeah, it is what it is & commas are allowed so long as they’re not too noisy.

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Thanks for introducing yourself and welcome to Fluther! It is addictive, I’ve been here since 2008.

We tend to be a little strict about typos and grammar so just remind us of your health issues if you feel anyone is coming down too hard. We really do love having new members!

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Welcome to Fluther. I’ve been here since 2009, and it’s become a part of my (almost) daily routine. You might make friends, you might have some fun, entertaining conversations, and you will certainly have fun.

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If you have any specific questions about the site, feel free to ask and one of us will try to answer.

Fluther was founded by two of my son’s college friends so I feel kind of like a “tante” around here. (And a real aunt of one of them is still on here too.)

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Welcome to Fluther! The official description is around here somewhere, probably linked to at the bottom of the page. Unofficially, this is a site where you can ask questions, and various members will chime in with useful information or with chit-chat. It’s a question & answer site, enhanced with actual conversation.

Some users prefer the Q&A aspect, some prefer the chit-chat. The strict “Please give me information” questions belong in the General section, and the questions that invite chit-chat belong in Social. The mod team will help if a question seems to have been put in the wrong place.

You are right, it is definitely addictive to some extent – you could spend hours poring over old questions and meeting the people (many no longer here) who have contributed to Fluther over the years; in fact, you might even be rewarded for that. ;)

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A question and answer site. It actually works more like a cafeteria conversation. People ask questions and get answers. Some times the questions are real and sometimes merely an opinion shaped like a question. If the question is real you tend to get real answers. I the question is an opinion, you get many opinions. Over all it can be a lot of fun. It can also be quite aggravating. Make of it what you will.

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Well, hello there! Welcome. I’ve been here since 2009. It’s just a great place to hang out with people you like, and kick people you don’t like!

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Welcome homie. Glad you like the site. :)

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Hello and welcome @Panina963. I’ve been here since 2008 and it is addictive.
Sit right down, join in and enjoy!

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I cannot answer that as I have just joined up…but I am certainly looking forward to finding out!

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@David_Achilles Welcome to you too!

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Welcome to Fluther, both of you. You’ve come to the right place for … well, pretty much anything but name-calling and spam.

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Two new Jellies?!?!

Hell yeah!

Welcome to you both.

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Welcome @Panina963 and @David_Achilles. We hope you’ll enjoy playing with us and sharing your ideas and perspectives on things.

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Consider us to be kind of like a family, a great big family living in the same house, or kind of like a group of good friends that have gotten together for an informal night of conversation, or a group of co-workers chewing the fat around the water cooler.

We talk about all kinds of subjects. Sometimes we agree with each other, sometimes we disagree, but we always try to give as much information about whatever subject we happen to be talking about. Sometimes we get a bit silly. Most of us are here to help, but we try to have fun while we are helping. I hope you’ll stick around and join our little party.

Are you hungry? We usually eat a snack around this time of night. Grab a plate and fix yourself Something to Eat then join in the conversation.

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Wow, now there’s two of you! Hello, new jellies, hope you stick around. Fluther is a great place to be!

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W00T X2! Welcome!

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How long do we wait until we introduce the to The Frizzer?

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Hi and welcome. I’m in charge here. Enjoy.

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I wonder why the poster asked about this “addictive site” and never came back? Must not have been that addictive.

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Perhaps an overdose, @chyna?

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