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Do you ever catch yourself acting like a little kid?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) February 20th, 2015

Today I was at the grocery and 80/20 ground pork was $1.97 a pound for a 10# frozen chub. I asked the meat guy if he’d cut it into burgers for me. He agreed.

I had a few minutes to kill, so I started walking up and down the freezer section. Suddenly, I realized I was walking like a little kid imitating a soldier…stomping my heel, then dropping my foot flat. Clomping up and down the aisle in my hiking shoes.

I don’t know if anyone saw me, and I wasn’t embarrassed. What really hit me was that if I’d seen a first grader doing it, I would have stood quietly and watched, grinning at the naivete and self-entertainment.

Have you caught yourself in a moment like that?
Can you still be a kid at heart?

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Way too many times—I’m in my own world too much. And believe me, people always catch me.

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All the time. And I have no shame.
I sing along in the car. I skip down hallways on occasion. I boogie on the treadmill at the Y. I’ve been known to start dancing in the house when a good song on my play-list makes me wanna dance.
I was glad when my kids were little and I had a good excuse to swing on the swings at the park next to them. I ride my bike in the summer and I eat copious amounts of ice cream and giggle at silly jokes.

I may pay the bills and clean the house – but I’m never growing up.

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Once in a while fer sure, and have no shame admitting it.

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I have decided that it’s okay to be child-LIKE, but not child-ISH.

So I play a lot. For one example, when I have the grocery cart loaded fully enough (to counterbalance my own heft) and if my arms are feeling up to it I occasionally “fly the cart” down the parking lot to my car. And I don’t even look to see if anyone is watching (as long as I know there are no cars moving nearby – my child-like innocence and naïvete is tempered by a certain amount of learned caution – sometimes). And if a stranger leaves me a good enough straight line I’ll drop a bon mot in a heartbeat.

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<————————I am very in touch with my 3 year old self, I have childlike curiosity, can amuse myself with simple things for hours, and am always the jokester. I talk in funny accents, and get very excited over candy. lol
Last time I acted like a child in public was when I was blowing soap bubbles out my car window after buying a bunch of bottles to give to my kiddie friends. Adult bubble time is blowing bubbles in the bath with a glass of bubbley.

I also always joke about adding the 2 numbers of your birthday together, I am not 55 I am 10! 5+5+10!
The best of both worlds. haha

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I still watch cartoons, read comics, play with stuffed animals… my family keep telling me to grow up but hell, I have already grown up. My childish part acts as a guard for my innocence.

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My small child is always in there. I just let him out occasionally. He keeps me young.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Gotta get in touch with your inner child.

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Yep, quite often!

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Absolutely. Being childlike is fun. Today, I was on a plane with my husband who was ignoring me and reading his book. So I poked him in the side a few time to distract him. Earlier in the day, I dropped clothes down from the loft area in our room in the hotel so they would land on him where he was sitting checking his mail below.

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More often than I should be. Unfortunately not everyone appreciates a childlike excitement. Very often I wonder if a part of me ever grew up or not. Guess I am not hurting anyone, am I?

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Bubblewrap, enough said.

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Constantly. I use shopping carts as scooters, lick my plate clean like a cat, talk in a high-pitched voice for fun, walk on brick-walls, slide along wooden floors when wearing socks…my sisters and I talk for our dogs, who each have distinctly different voices and are not good with grammar…and my diary is partly written in a code only I can read.

Only last week, I started a teabag-fight with my sister, her boyfriend, my grandma and two six-year-old cousins. Wet teabags fly exceptionally well until they burst! Added bonus: The two cousins had been fighting before – it’s impossible to stay mad when there are adults throwing teabags at each other.

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Been there done that got the Barney dungarees.

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All the time I’m silly and joking, both verbally and doing physical things. When people at work introduce me, I add to it “I’m the fun one.”

Yesterday I got DNA results from a test I took, and there was a miniscule amount of Central Asian (less than 1%). I was doing my Bollywood dancing and “Walk like an Egyptian” imitation for my coworkers to show my Central Asian-ness.

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Too late to the question to post to every post.
I’m not surprised that we have a preponderance of jellies that enjoy the simple, childish pleasures in life and know how to make their own fun!
Thanks, and keep it up.
Entertainment as you find it.

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You don’t need to tell us, we already know.

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Oh sure! Would be lost without it.

When my kids were smaller, 13 and 11 or so, and we were at the grocery store, I often “snuck away” from them. They’d turn around and I’d be gone. I’d hear my daughter yell, “She got away again, Chris!” and they’d go on the hunt. I was walking briskly down aisles and turning corners, trying to evade capture. When they found me we’d all have a delighted group hug. My daughter was close to the age where you don’t even acknowledge that you have parents because the embarrassment would be too much, much less hug them in public, so that was pretty special.

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I would also be the smart child instructing @jca that Egyptians are not Asians. Babylonians, on the other hand …

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We recently drove by a field of wildflowers and I had my husband pull over. Then me and the kids ran amok playing hide-and-seek in waist deep flowers. We were literally diving into them to hide in time, cartoon style.

It was lots of fun—until my adult allergies kicked in. My mind is still a kid. But my body likes to remind me that I’m not.
I just ignore it as best as I can! ;)

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@CWOTUS: Woops, I know from what I read yesterday that I saw “Iran and Pakistan” as one of my matches, so I just looked again to see where I got that from and it’s “Middle East” not “Central Asian.” Hence the Bollywood and the Walk like an Egyptian. Was all in fun anyway, of course, as I don’t think less than 1% of anything correlates to Bollywood dancing or anything like that – just me being silly.

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That’s just @CWOTUS being @CWOTUS.

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I breed singing monsters. My favorite is Shoob. He’s an Oaktopus.

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