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How to recover music off a corrupt ipod without restoring it?

Asked by flash74686 (478points) February 20th, 2015

I’ve had a terrible year. This summer, my external hard drive with all my music died. But I still had my iPod classic with all 12,000 of my songs. I also still had the iTunes library with all of my songs and listed, even if I couldn’t play the music in iTunes. But then, recently, my computer hard drive crashed, and I lost the library file.

So I’ve been looking into ways to transfer the information from my iPod to my laptop, which I know isn’t easy. But when I plugged in my iPod tonight (which still works just fine on its own), and went to iTunes, it said that the iPod is corrupt. I’ve restarted it, and disconnected and reconnected it, but it won’t connect properly.

Is there any way to save information from my iPod? I’ve downloaded the purchased songs from iTunes, but I’ve had an iPod for almost 10 years now, so I have songs from CDs and such, and if I restore my iPod, I won’t know what I need to redownload. I could go through song by song, but since I have so many, it would take forever.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Well there are professional data recovery centers but that could end up costing a couple thousand, maybe more maybe less. I can’t think of any software off hand that would work.

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When you plug in your iPod does it show up in my computer as a hard drive? If so you may be in luck. Open up the iPod and make sure you have hidden files set to visible. It’s been a while and I’m not near a comp to check, but there should be a folder called iPod_control inside I believe is a folder named music, and finally in that will be all you music in folders named f00, f01 and so on. The files will all have really random letters as their names, don’t panic, they all still have their meta data and will be recognized for what they are when put in iTunes.

As an aside, stop using iTunes, it’s crap. Download winamp .

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