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File not found.

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Dead link, my friend.

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That works.. Unfortunately I don’t have a good answer for your question.

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(shivers) Eek!

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That’s the exact response I would hope to get by wearing this mask on Halloween. Unfortunately I have no idea how to make it (or to see while wearing it)

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I would start by calling a costume supplier or going there and showing them the picture from the Mail.

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@jballou – the link you gave shows that the mask has tiny holes that the mask wearer can see through. But they are well hidden so the observer can’t tell.

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Looks to me like they just took one of those latex caps (that make a person look bald) and just used a needle to poke holes in it to see out. Then stretched it over their face….

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Very cool mask. Liquid latex would achieve a similar effect, though it probably wouldn’t duplicate it.

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There is a really large costume shop in New york City, the name escapes me, but it’s the largest one in Manhattan and they have masks like that.

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I would try the latex cap idea. Poke the holes from the outside, using a darning needle. That way if there’s any flaying at the hole site, it will be on the inside. You will need gum adhesive, which you can get at a costume shop.

While not the same thing, wire screen masks are also funky:

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Looks to me like a Question mask (see DC UNIVERSE) here is a youtube vid on how to make the question mask for a great fan film! Hope this helps!

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@science_girl89 THX!

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