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Guys, what can a girl do to get your attention?

Asked by trudacia (2513points) July 14th, 2008 from iPhone

Give us the inside scoop on what makes you melt…

What turns you on?

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I’m going to start with the first and most obvious…care about your appearance. Not nessicarily the painted on face and whatnot, just taking care of yourself, and simple upkeep.

Past that, its personal preference. I like girls who have a kickass personality, ones who are quite smart, and unfourtunatly, a bit of a tease.

I’m a classic guy, so I kinda like the classic girl. Nice clothes, good hair, slightly preppy, slightly punk…lol. Like I said, preference. I’m kinda wierd though.

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Why don’t you ask yourself what turns you on about a guy, and then go out there and look for it?

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@tinyfaery I didn’t say I couldn’t find a guy… It’s quite the opposite actually. But thanks….

Just curious about the guys point of view.

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I like when girls draw things on bar napkins and explain something. Maybe it is the restrained closeness. it gives me that all over the body tingle. I guess it doesn’t have to be a bar napkin.

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Confidence without cockiness. I love when a girl is having fun laughing and being herself. Nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin laughing and smiling.

Of course there is what astrochuck said, but that rarely happens to me. A friend of mine gets flashed probably six to seven times a night on weekends. He’s a crazy man that women love. Crazy women anyway.

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Be natural.
Be confident.
Don’t wear heavy makeup or perfume.
Don’t wear slutty clothes.
Be funny.
Laugh at yourself.
Have some personality quirks.

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I like pupntaco’s response! :)
@tiny: she didn’t ask that. That could be a different question,

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act friendly. We’ll almost certainly mistake it (or perceive it accurately, in this case) as affection.

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Walk up to me and try small talk. It shows me you’re bold, determined, and confident. Then ask me out and I’ll probably say yes.

(no there’s nothing wrong with me that approaching me would be considered bold. But I would have already sensed you liked me from body language, and rather being shy, you show confidence by approaching.)

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This strikes me as a subtly interesting question. Because generally it’s pretty easy, no? So what sort of attention, what situation, is the question really looking for answers for? Or am I over-thinking this?

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In my humble opinion, a smile and a sense of humor would go a long way with any guy worth being with.

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Here in Iraq on my particular base there are 3 women, all they have to do to get noticed is exist. If they wash with feminine body wash or wear perfume, I can detect them from over the horizon. If I can see a dot on the horizon, something tells me, That is a Woman! I wait and sure enough, it is a woman. I don’t know how I sense it, it is kind of amazing. It has only been three months. In a few more months I should be able to sense where in the continental US my wife is down to 100 meters.

In America, modesty usually gets my attention because it so rare anymore. I have seen so many belly rings, lower back tattoos, and bulging breasts in public, that is such a trashy turn off for me. It says “look at me, I am shallow, and I know you are too, wanna F@#$?”

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Start conversations with us! We love that. A woman who starts chatting you up is incredibly exciting. Better still if you’ve mastered the basics of grooming and you’re reasonably healthy, although neither of these would take you completely out of the running.

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Don’t try to hard to fit in. It’s cliche but individualism is very sexy.

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In chronological order:

1. Be good looking.
2. Be smart.
3. Be interesting.
4. Be into me.
5. Be kind.
6. Be amazing in bed.

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to get my attention, catch my eye and hold the “look” for a few seconds. the “look” is not a stare—it’s a momentary lapse where you hear nothing around you and then it’s over. once the same is repeated a minute or two later, the connection is established and you either act on it or ignore it. how you go to the next step is all about timing…

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Guys, I am sensing a common theme among these answers. We are never going to get anywhere if both sides are expecting the other side to make the first move. There are many good ideas listed as well, if the shoe fits then wear it.

If both sides are asking for the same things and the other side isn’t doing it, then there will be no connection. Being a man in my opinion is being confident and full of life. Step out in your life and live your life to the fullest, and then the momentum will pull the woman of your dreams to you.

If you are waiting for the woman to make a move then THAT is why you are on here posting in my opinion. Because women don’t do that, unless you are enjoying your life so much all by yourself, then the healthy ones will be drawn to you. There are exceptions of course.

I realize I am posting here as well, I am with the woman of my dreams, however I am separated while deployed here in Iraq.

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So if one is posting here—short of being unavoidably separated from their significant other—they lack confidence and fullness of life? Whew! Glad my girlfriend is away at medical school!

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noraasnave- I am lonely and confused, I’m not sure I can make it in the real world~

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I think you guys are getting the hang of it, now get out there and put it into practice ;)

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beautiful, confident eyes.
They are the window to the soul.

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Just don’t ever ever say, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” or “I don’t know, what do you want to eat?”

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How about she offers to buy me a steak dinner? Isn’t the way to a man’s heart through his stomach? :o)

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Eye contact, Smile. Simple really, I guess you could try different smiles.

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A woman who is comfortable in her own skin is always a turn on. A woman who is compassionate and kind works too. One who is not afraid to smile, and to laugh, and to stand up for herself when she has to, that’s my kind of woman. Dressing like a slut is just sad, and like someone else said, shallow. Tramp stamps, facial piercings, low cut tops don’t make you special, they make you look like every other sleazy woman out there. I like a woman who can do things that I like and shares her interests with me, as well. Someone who isn’t so prissy that she is afraid of getting her hands dirty. I like a down-home girl with simple tastes, because high maintenance women aren’t worth the trouble. Can she fish, hunt, cook, and work in the garden if she has to? Yes, good. Can she love me for who I am and not try to turn me into something I would be miserable as, like a citified suit and tie wearing dork? Then great, otherwise, I’ll keep looking.

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Re: evelyns_pet_zebra: you had me up to she fish, hunt, cook…..The question is about getting attention. I’m single I want this info too, its not about whether she gardens but how she gets attention. And my group of girls that I go out with the ones with the low cut tops get the attention, drinks, etc. No one has ever asked about my garden at a bar! How does a modest girl get attention? Ps I don’t wear my gardening gloves when I’m going out on the town. Maybe I should it will definitely get some attention that way. ;)

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@Poser Dude, chronological order deals with time, not preference.

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@kerryyylynn—I know what chronological means. My list referred to the order in which a woman can get (and keep) my attention starting from the time I meet her. Those aren’t my preferences. I’d prefer a woman possess all of those traits.

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I respond best to real confidence.

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