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Please name some websites that are intended to develop much awakened sense of spirituality and other meditation practices.

Asked by Khajuria9 (2141points) February 23rd, 2015

I am really in need of a peace of mind. Would you recommend me something to ease me out?
Any suggestions in this regard shall be greatly appreciated.

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Finding Your Inner Peace & Peace Of Mind – Spiritual Teachers – Teaching…:

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All the best in finding internal peace and contentment. Such a long, painful journey. I find the effort deeply searing. I too wish to find spiritual balance and merely be in this world physically only.

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There is a ton of audio at There are also intro classes.

kevbo's avatar or just search Mooji on YouTube. Changed my life.

For me, it’s not really about him in particular so much as the message. You can also try searching Amma, Papaji, Robert Adams, Nisargatti Maharaj, or Ramana Maharishi. Most of the latter will have PDF material available.

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Have you seen

You may be looking for something more systematic, but that site is the best 2 minutes on the internet.

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^ Love that. Is the guided meditation supposed to be with commentary, though?

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@longgone – May be misunderstanding. If you mean should you hear commentary, yes, for me I get a menu on the left when I move my mouse, the top option “guided calm” includes commentary. I’m using Chrome with headphones.

I’m still a bit confused by the menus in the lower right, so generally leave those alone, and they may affect commentary.

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^ Thank you, got it now!

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