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What are you most worried about in life?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) July 14th, 2008

In life, what worries you the most, relationships, money, dying or getting old?

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Dying, because you can’t control it.

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I don’t think the worry can be lumped into four categories like that. What worries me most is when there are things going on around me that I can’t change or do anything about. When there are things happening that I can’t do anything to help or fix. This could include all four of those things you mentioned.

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It varies. Currently, I am most worried that Bush will use military force against Iran before leaving office, leaving a new President and us to cope with what could literally be the “fallout” from that decision.

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I’m currently most worried about money, cause I am young healthy and in a great realtionship but just bought a house, which is the cause of my money worries.

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War and pinkeye.

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I worry that I could die and my son would grow up without a mom.

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Missing out.

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Not to be able to accomplish my goals freaks me out.

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I’m most worried about losing my health, and that if that happens it will prevent me from attaining my goals.

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Living with pain.

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