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Could it just be stress?

Asked by Krazy (60points) February 25th, 2015

I have been under some stress these few days and got sick because of it but i’ve been having some weird symptoms like I have had a late period, been a bit gassy, having some diarrhea, alot of headaches, very dehydrated and my boob have been a little bigger . Also i haven’t been eating like usual and not having enough sleep.
My period has finished but I am still bloated.

I will be going to the doctor soon but I would just want to know in advance if it is something serious.

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Really no way for us to tell from that collection of symptoms. Could be stress or could be an illness. Wait til your doctor sees you and try not to worry about it.

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Or, it could be pregnancy/morning sickness.

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If your doctor’s appointment is a while off, and you are anxious about whether you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test. We can’t tell anything from the symptoms you’ve listed.

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Ever suffer from IBS? Could be that.

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Wait – she said her period was late and has now just finished so it isn’t pregnancy.

It does sound like it could be IBS but we can’t diagnose that.

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@janbb Ah – you’re right, I didn’t catch that.

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Wait and see if the symptoms subside within a week after your period ends. If not, make an appointment with a doctor.

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Those symptoms can be a million things. You’re right to get them checked out. In the meantime, try to eat healthy food and get some exercise and have some fun! If you’re stressed, try to resolve that and perhaps it will help with the other symptoms. Certainly healthy food, exercise and fun can’t hurt.

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Yes it is because of stress and nothing else. Stress bring many health issues and it disturb the mental health which also affect our physic.

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Also sounds very hormonal! Could just be levels of hormones. Keep an eye on it. Hope you feel better.

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