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2 men biologically creating a child, what are the cons?

Asked by chelle21689 (7405points) February 25th, 2015 from iPhone

I recently saw a science article that soon two men will be able to create a child biologically without the use of an egg from a female. I’m not against gay rights but something about this doesn’t sit well with me at all and I’m not sure why. I guess in a way that “designer” babies seem iffy to me too.
What are your thoughts on this? Article here:

Also, should designer babies be legal? I could see how it could help make a disease free world if not just for appearance but whats the bad that could happen?

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Science cannot look into the future or it refuses to, but no matter the case, the idea that that can happen is awesome. I assume 2 women can, as well. Does it really matter where babies come from, just as long as they are loved and wanted and are raised to be kind and conscientious human beings?

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The kid would save on Mother’s Day cards/gifts when they got older.

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The cons are that two men can have a baby together! I think that would be amazing.

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I don’t really like the idea of designer babies generally. However, I don’t see any cons in two men having a baby any more than there would be if two women could have a baby with manufactured sperm. How well this turns out still comes down to whether the parents love the child more than the science behind how the child arrived. As long as we don’t end up with an increasingly manufactured imbalance between men and women, I’m fine with science helping loving parents to have children.

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Holy cow, I am an idiot. I was thinking pros, not cons. Sorry about that.

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We won’t know what cons (if any) there will be until a few decades(at least) have passed. There were major outcries when children of alternative insemination, then “test tube” babies appeared (no test tubes actually involved, BTW) and there have really been no discernible downsides as of yet. This process is a little more manufactured, perhaps, but again and again it seems to be that the parenting itself is the determining factor of how these children turn out, rather than the method of conception.

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There are plenty of children out there and plenty of ways to conceive new ones.
Unless this is an off-shoot of other, more worthwhile medical innovation, I think it’s an irresponsible waste of money that could be used to improve the health of disadvantaged children around the world.

Otherwise, if it’s just another application for vital research already underway, then cool.

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The article kept blanking out.

Specifically, about the idea in the article, I think it’s a nice idea that a gay couple can have a biological baby. I certainly understand why that is very appealing.

They have talked about two women for a very long time. We have the eggs. Men can’t do it without the egg. Theoretically we could have an all female planet, no need for men to procreate. When they figure out how to make a baby in a synthetic egg, or another animal’s egg, then men will have this possibility. Also, we still need to grow the babies in a woman’s womb. I guess maybe science is still working on not needing a woman.

One con is the hormones to get the eggs can have serious side effects. Some if the effects we may not truly understand. There is always risk with any surgery, and retrieving eggs carries some minor risk of infection like any time you cut (it’s actually a needle stick) a part of the body.

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The con is the poor guy who has to give birth to his child through his urethra.

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@JLeslie: the effects of the hormones used for egg-maturing for harvest is already quite well known, women have been using fertility drugs for just that purpose for decades.

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@canidmajor I don’t know if they are doing studies on whether those women have more “girl” cancers. Maybe they have studied it. We already know women can be hyper-stimulated and it can be life threatening. I’ve been through IVF and there was little to know information given to me. The doctor certainly didn’t mention anything verbally. The young women who would likely be used for egg donation, as they are now, probably would not think twice about any dangers. I think it’s a relatively safe procedure, but it isn’t without risks.

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The only thing that surprises me is that they came out with a way to have two male biological parents before two female biological parents. For a number of reasons, two female parents would seem easier to produce IMO.

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Aren’t there some genetic issues, like what if you end up with a baby with two Y chromosomes?

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I agree with @ibstubro


There are already more than enough hominids on the planet, we do not need any more births of whimsy.

Tampering with DNA and genetic material could, potentially, cause more harm than good, we don’t need to risk Frankenstein babies and other defects. Some innocent lives WILL be sacrificed as guinea pig babies while attempting to “perfect” the science. Unethical.

There are already thousands upon thousands of living children that are in need of families, foster care and adoption agencies are the way to go, just like adopting pets from the shelter instead of promoting backyard breeding.

There are also thousands and thousands of father/motherless children that could use mentoring through the Big Brother/Sister organizations and other similar programs.

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Some genetic problems are carried by males, so a greater chance of those genetic problems.

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@adirondack I don’t know how they extract the RNA from the sperm, but I would think it’s easy to tell Y from X. Y is much shorter.

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