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What's a good Photoshop-type process to transform stock photos with identifiable faces into illustration or "art" with a more abstract/anonymous effect?

Asked by kevbo (25644points) February 26th, 2015 from iPhone

I regularly use stock photos for projects at work, but I cannot use identifiable faces. I wonder if there are some good tricks to still use those kinds of photos while making the faces (and the entire image) more like illustration/art.

My Photshop skills are pretty limited at this point.

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filter>filter gallery

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Why not just crop the photos so they only show from the shoulders and below.

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It’s very easy to disguise a photo subtly or radically in Photoshop. The preview feature lets you play with all the filter effects until you get the look you like. There are so many! It’s easy and it’s fun. Try these for starters since they will give you effects that will alter faces without distorting them too much. I mean, you don’t want to look like an alien do you?....or do you?

Go to filter-Artistic, Brushstrokes, Pixelate,Sketch or Stylize. All of these filters have multiple effects in the sub menu. They show you a preview of what the photo will look like with the effect applied. You can adjust the amount of effect and other variables by using the sliders provided. When you are satisfied with the look you are seeing click OK. If you want to save the original file so you can make another change to it make sure that you save the changes as a new file. Go to File>Save as and give it a new name. You can give it the same name with a number if you like or totally rename it. You can play with these filters endlessly! Let us know how you do. I love Photoshop filters. Great stuff.

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