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What food should you never put salt on?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) February 26th, 2015

Salt seem to be all the rage recently, especially on sweets. Salted caramels. Salted chocolates.
Additionally, I have friends that seem to take salting to new heights. I don’t think there’s a fruit they won’t salt, from watermelon to apples. Beer. They salt their beer.

So, it begs the question, what should you never put salt on?
And consider that cheese can be pretty salty, before you go saying things like pie. lol

Companion to my question: What food should bacon not be used in?

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Your pet goldfish.

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A Massachusetts State Senator once presented a bill which attempted to protect goldfish from “cruel and wanton consumption.” @talljasperman. But the craze was over about 70 years ago.

What’s wrong with salting pickles, @chyna?

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Hake fish!

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Salt on watermelon should be made a crime! Why, why, why???

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The Marine Stewardship Council recommends sea salt (no pun) on Hake fish, @ZEPHYRA?

Who could tell with the tinned ones, @Tropical_Willie?? lol Ever tried them fresh?

I’ve known almost as many watermelon salters as non, @David_Achilles. Never saw the attraction myself!

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I love salt on Cantaloupe, but not watermelon. Cantaloupe, tomatoes, avocados, yummy!
Do not put salt on Key Lime Pie. Blech! haha

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Is Key Lime Pie from the voice of experience, @Coloma?
Perhaps confused your pie and margarita?

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^^^ No, but it is my favorite pie and salt would just be nasty.
I do not get the salt on apples thing either but..I did have some salted chocolate caramels recently…mmmmmm!

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@ibstubro born and brought up in southern California, Anchovies and other small fish regular eats.

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Have a large margarita, @Coloma. Salt a bite of Key Lime Pie. Eat. Report back. lol Could be the new candied b[lech]con.

How do you prepare fresh anchovies, @Tropical_Willie? Are they naturally extremely salty? We used to eat smelts fairly regularly, fried, but they’re more like sardines.

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I can’t remember when was the last time that I sprinkled salt on anything. So much of the processed foods that we eat is already loaded with salt.

The thought of sprinkling salt on fruits and vegetables grosses me out.

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The only thing I put salt on is chips (fries to you Americans), avocado and tomato. I can’t think of anything else I routinely sprinkle salt on.

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Saurkaut and hot dogs. By far too salty as it is. Also bacon. Are you sure there isn’t salt in key lime pie? Often baked goods contain a pinch of salt to enhance the sweetness. I will also go with berries and beetgreens

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They put salt on everything now. Caramel, ice cream, it’s everywhere. I don’t like it on sweets very much. I think pickles is a good answer, pickles are super salty already.

We don’t add much salt to packaged and ready made foods, which I think is a huge problem, especially for the goiter belt in the US, because no one is adding iodine to their food. Food manufacturers don’t put it in the sodium they add.

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I put lime juice and salt on my watermelon—not enough salt to make it salty. Just enough to make the flavor pop a little.

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Salt is a must-have for avocado, @Earthbound_Misfit.

Salt’s in the dog, @Unbroken, and I think salt stops the cabbage fermentation.

I use lemon and lime juice a lot in place of salt. You can even buy it powdered now, which is handy. Never heard of it on watermelon.

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@ibstubro learned it from a Mexican family. It adds a whole new dimension of flavor.

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@keobooks I feel that way about salt on cucumbers. I don’t like cucumbers very much without salt, but I love them with salt. Salad dressing doesn’t do it. I’d rather have cucumber rings with salt and eat them like potato chips than eat them in a salad.

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I will give it a go, @keobooks. The lime, especially.

Cukes soaked in vinegar, @JLeslie. Seeded and chunked mixed with seeded and chunked tomato marinated in Italian dressing. Of course, when I seed cucumbers, I salt the seeds and eat them. lol

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I make diced cuc and tomato salad for my husband. I hate fresh tomatoes unless they are drowned in salt and lemon and combined with some onion and hot peppers. Basically, a very lemony pico de gallo.

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Wagon Wheels & Curly Wurly’s

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I like fresh tomatoes seeded and peeled, @JLeslie, which means I don’t eat them very damned often. Too much work when I ’like’ not ”love” the results. lol

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If you try it, @ibstubro you can skip the salt. Its almost nonexistant with the lime and too easy to mess up and put too much on.

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I would avoid salting garlic ice cream or deep fried Twinkies.

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^ I would second that and honey too.

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I would have a much smaller list of things that salt actually belongs on.

I’m not a big fan of salt, especially not on fruit, that is just disgusting. It also doesn’t belong on chocolate or caramel or anything else that is sweet. It also doesn’t belong in a lot of foods where people sprinkle it liberally (I’ve noticed that in the lunchroom at work). We don’t keep a salt shaker on the table at our house and I tend not to add salt to recipes unless it’s for baking purposes which is more for reasons of science, rather than flavor.

I’ve seen people put salt on the following items, which turns my stomach: pizza, salad, chili, fruit, tuna sandwich, spaghetti and just about any kind of leftovers they might bring in. It’s gross.

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@Kardamom Salt on spaghetti grosses you out?

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Pretty much any fruit.

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@fluthernutter Yes. Spaghetti should be savory and/or slightly sweet, with a hint of garlic and basil, but it should never be salty. Ick.

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^^Pasta with butter and salt is delicious. I don’t understand salt being a negative flavor on pasta. Or, do you mean spaghetti pasta specifically? I would usually just serve farfalle that way.

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Butter, garlic, salt, & Parmesan cheese.

Nearly anything savory, if cooked without salt, can stand a little dose, it seems to me?

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Never rub salt into a wound. haha

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She might mean sprinkling salt on already cooked pasta.

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Agreed, @ragingloli, but if my pasta with tomato sauce is ‘slightly sweet’, I’m going to salt it.

I thought it was needlessly argumentative to point out that it pizza does not have cheese on it, it may need a light sprinkle of salt.

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I stir up my pasta with a bit of olive oil, garlic salt, italian seasonings and white pepper. A sprinkling of parmesan cheese makes a meal in itself but I usually add sauce or one of my favorites, made it last night. Spicey cajun chicken sausage cooked with zuchinni and yellow crookneck squash and sliced red, orange and yellow peppers over the pasta. Amazing!

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