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What's your favorite brand of jeans?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) July 14th, 2008

I am looking to buy new jeans, but am consistently finding that all the jeans I try on don’t flare out enough on the bottoms to fit around my very large shoes.* I’m also a pretty big guy, and it’s hard to find my measurements: (W:38, L:34). I like my jeans to be as comfortable as possible (not stiff), but still have a regular fit (not skinny and not really baggy). As you can tell, I’m picky about my clothing, and that’s why I’m asking my fellow Flutherites to help me find a good brand of jeans or a good store to buy em in. Thanks in advance :)

*I wear very loose, untied skate shoes

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American Eagle..
That or Jcrew, but jcrew has gone insane over their prices so that isn’t worth it anymore, I had one pair of jeans though that were .. it was like I dunno those were the best jeans i’ve ever had, but now their jeans are 80$+ a pop.

I like american eagle’s though, I haven’t had any holister, but I’m sure those are plenty comfortable, and I’ve only come across one pair from old navy that I actually like, and they got the awesome U cut and now I’m pissed because those were the best jeans to come out of old navy.. owell.

Seriously though, look into american eagle, they have a great selection, and theirs are almost as comfortable as jcrew, but for literally less than half the price.

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Oh yeah, and preferably no jeans over $100

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Sweet, thanks XCNuse, I’ll check out American Eagle. I know exactly what you mean about those “one pair of jeans” that just fit you amazingly. Unfortunately, my “one pair” is growin’ too old for me.

And I think I know what you’re talkin about with the U cut jeans, but could you describe em to me? Do you know of any other companies that make them?

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nono lol the U cut is when your heel tears up the backside of your jeans so you have a big U cut at the backside of the legs, it isn’t pretty lol, i landed up just using a safety pin to keep them together.

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Levis 501

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oh haha, I got cha. Well the “U cut” I was referring to were these jeans that my cousin told me about that are made in France that were cut higher in the front of the jean bottoms so that they would compensate for the huge tongue on skate shoes. Haha wrong U cut though

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Okay, well the question is “Whats your favorite brand of jeans” and mine are Joes. But in the details you talk about a recommendation of jeans for you… So I’d go with Old Navy or Gap Jeans. The “loose” style seems to describe the style for you, and they are an affordable price.

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@TheHaight: you’re right, sorry for the misdirected question.

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Oh, no don’t be sorry. Its just when I saw the question I was excited to talk about my
favorite jeans, haha (I love jeans).

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haha alright sweet

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I only wear IZODS. They fit great. Are comfortable and last.

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All mine are either True Religion, or Lucky (I know, I’m stupid for spending that on jeans, but there perfect!). Serious though, check out Lucky brand. Theve got several good cuts, with my “perfect” fit. If they are to pricy retail, ebay those suckers!

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@cyrus; I was going to say those jeans as well but he said no jeans over $100. Well, how much are lucky jeans? I have never bought a pair.

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@ Cyrus: Yeah. True Religion are amazing. I have a couple pair, and they all fit great.

I also wear Seven jeans. They’re pretty good.

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Try Ross or Marshalls. Both sell designer jeans for a lot less.
Another idea is to search for outlet stores in your area (or whether your travels take you this summer) if you find a favorite designer.

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Hugo Boss, guess collection, Z by Zegna, witboy are pretty cool, melting pot, william rast (I love jeans :S)

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@cyrus: I would never have thought to buy jeans on eBay, haha. I can’t believe all the stuff you can get on there these days.

I just tried on a pair of Lucky jeans yesterday and they fit me great, and were really comfortable. I’ve also heard that True Religion and Seven are really good too. Ya know, if I find a pair of “perfect” jeans, I’ll pitch the cash to buy them.

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I go with Blind (originals), Element and Flip. I’m with you, Luckys are great.

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Lucky’s are pricy (90–150), but yeah like I said, totally worth it. Life’s to short for bad jeans….or whisky, or beer, or cigars….sorry that was my rant for the day.

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No love for Levis any more? What’s happened to this world?

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I’m a big fan of Gap jeans because they come in so many different cuts and lengths. Even though the styles seem to change every few months (which drives me nuts!), you can pretty much always find something that fits the way you want it to. Plus, anytime you go into a Gap store, they’ve always got some jeans on sale – so you can stick with the less pricey ones if you want to…

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i like dark wash or black straight leg jeans.
my favorite brand: levis

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Levi’s or wrangler jeans

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I love my Joe Browns jeans and Next jeans.
As to the making the bottom of your jeans wide enough to fit over your ‘very large shoes’ if your handy with a needle and thread try cutting out a triangle on the side seam of your jeans and sewing in a piece of material that is wider than the piece you cut out – hey presto wider flares!! You can either use different denim from old jeans or just some funky ‘thick’ material- go wild and 70’s style!!

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