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What's the fastest you've gone in your car?

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) February 27th, 2015

So, the roads were nice out after waiting months and I decided to do some… testing of my car because I hadn’t taken it up to much above highway speeds yet, and wanted to see how she held up, not a problem at all, and the sound of that 2 valve 4.6 liter v8 was pretty nice.

Anyways, ended up going about 180km/h, 80 over the speed limit, about 111mph, and that’s actually the fastest I’ve ever driven a vehicle.

I’m curious what the fastest speed you’ve driven your personal or other vehicle at, or the fastest speed you have driven at in your life?

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Hubby was driving but when we picked up our BMW in Germany we got it up to 140 MPH in the rain.

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125 going to New Orleans from MS.

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Personally? 70 mph… I’m not a huge risk taker. :-P But I’ve been in the car with someone doing about 120 mph.

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Personally, I’ve never driven over 90 MPH. Never had the need nor the desire to do so. I’m perfectly happy cruising at normal, “flow of traffic” interstate speed… which is about 70–75.

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@Judi Yikes, in the rain, what were you thinking? Guess it was the excitement of the new car.

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It was a BMW 750 on the authoban. It’s designed for it. We were being passed by Audis and Lamborghini’s.

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152mph in my Lotus Exige on a track day at Donnington Race Track.

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As a driver 126, as a passenger 150 in a “moonshiner.” This was in the 1960’s, the car had a second “gas tank” made of copper in the trunk. It also had a NASCAR engine. We were on a highway, mid-day with little or no traffic.

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In my younger days, on an empty stretch of CA freeway I got my ‘65 Dodge Dart (slant six) up to 117.

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431 km/h on my personal test track.

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100mph, many times while 17 years old and driving a car with no floor. I had no business having a license, and it angers me to think of my stupid, young self risking people’s lives. Idiot.

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I think the speedometer in my Camry only goes to 120 MPH.
I have never owned a car that I have not tested to the limit of the speedometer.
The fastest I have driven in the past week is 90–93.
The most egregious speeding ticket I’ve gotten was for 100 in a 55.Mandatory court appearance.

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140 + mph in my Lincoln MKZ.

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80–85 I don’t think I have ever had a car I’d feel safe with going over that for one. For two, I can’t afford speeding tickets! (even that 85 would have just been very short lived)

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Around 115 mph in my Dad’s Focus (don’t tell him though!)

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I have driven 235kph on a motor cycle.
I have driven 170kph in my pickup.
And have once pushed a big rig to 160kph.

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2006 on a desolate stretch of never ending flat highway through Nevada on a 2 week road trip in the Southwest.
About 130 on the straight away in a 2005 Audi A4 AWD 2.0 turbo. We could have gone faster but didn’t want to be completely stupid. Nevada has some awesome roads where you won’t see another human for hours. haha
This stretch of road was so cool, psychedelic yellow grasses made neon by dark thunder clouds coming in and we raced to get over some mountains before the storm caught us.

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Once, I think I almost hit 80 mph.

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I’ve gone almost 120 MPH out on CA-58, near Barstow. It was pretty exciting, even if it was also terrifying.

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In 1973 I had brand new tires on my mother’s Pontiac GrandVille 455 cubic inch V-8 with a four barrel carburetor on newly built stretch of Interstate 280 in San Mateo County CA, so no traffic. Had the speedometer pegged at 120.

And I was at the wheel of a friend’s Porsche 914 and drove from Los Gatos CA to Goleta CA, a distance of 280 miles. We made it in 3 hours 15 minutes, averaging 90 down Hwy 101.

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Can’t say exactly. I was almost sideswiped by a jerk in a Camero one night as I was leaving work, entering the freeway. I jumped on the gas, the transmission downshifted and I was after him to get a plate number. When the transmission shifted into third @ 5000 RPM, I was doing 90. The speedometer only went to 100, at about 4:30 O’clock on the dial. The engine was still coming on strong, pushing me back into the seat. When I realized that I just wasn’t going to catch up to him, I looked down at the speedometer. It was pointed straight down. I estimate my speed at about 130 MPH, and the engine was STILL coming on!
Did I mention I was driving a ‘69 Chevy pick-up?

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170~180 then I felt as if I was no longer in control. Can’t say the feeling thrilled me!

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90 has been my limit. If I drove faster than that, it was because I was sleeping.

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The ambulance I was in went 200 MPH, because I had a bad case of dyspepsia! ;-p

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@Brian1946 Did you survive ? ? ;>)

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Nope- I succumbed to abdominal arrest, just before my ride crashed into another ambulance carrying patients suffering from gluteal dystrophy! ;-(

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