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I am really really hot (temperature wise, I'm not that conceited) and am constantly sweating. How can I lower my body heat throughout those toasty summer days?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) July 14th, 2008

I find myself shoving my head in my freezer or strapping frozen pea bags to myself in the summer (sorry for that terrible image). Are there any lifestyle habits that I can do to generally cool down my body temp?

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Go to the mall.

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a cold shower helps.

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Would diet/exercise have anything to do w/ it?

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I’ve used these
I’ve even activated them partway and put them in the freezer. The inner seams pop a little, but they still work. They are great for migraines when frozen. I haven’t used them by just soaking them and wearing them, though, I alway freeze them and put something between my skin and the wrap if they are too cold.

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Eat light meals.
Drink just water and lots of it.
If you have to, wear comfortable, leather shoes that breathe. Otherwise none or flip-flops
Do your task with a Jamaican attitude. No worries and seriously easy going.

And well if you’re in a fit shape and exercise regular. Your body adjust itself better.

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Drink, drink, drink your water. Doesn’t that seem to be the answer to everything these days? But seriously, drink your water. Try to stay away from drinks that have a lot of sugar in them (like soda), they don’t do anything for you.

I don’t know where you live, but I can agree it’s hard to stay cool lately. Here I am living in Florida and nine months pregnant! I have noticed that I feel better when I drink enough, but even so, it’s still too hot. I just stay inside as much as possible. At night I have a fan at the foot of the bed and one at the head of the bed as well as the a/c running. It’s crazy!

Good luck.

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