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What morals or expectations would you throw out the window if society were okay with it?

Asked by fluthernutter (6333points) March 4th, 2015 from iPhone

I’d probably skip shaving.
And clothing on hot days.
So, basically, a naked hippie. Just kidding.

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I’d have skipped clothing some years ago but now, my middle aged form is not something I would want to share with the world anymore. lol
Hmmm…otherwise, I really can’t think of much, maybe the social obligations of holding your tongue when you really just want to tell someone where to get off. lol

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None, fuck what society dictates, i’ll do what’s right for me.

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Forget trust.

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Probably kill someone.

Ask openly for gratuitous amounts of sex with random people.

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Monogamy, not being serious at work.

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I wouldn’t mow my lawn.

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If it doesn’t hurt anyone it isn’t wrong.

Examples include: Promiscuity, drug use (behavior that hurts people while under the influence of drugs is still wrong), having whatever kinds of relationships feel right to you (gay, poly, whatever else society doesn’t fully accept yet), etc.

I already pretty much do as I please where these things are concerned. If I don’t believe it’s wrong and I want to do it I’m going to regardless of what society may think. Society’s fucked up anyway.

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Shaving is not a moral issue

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@josie (Or expectations…social conventions.)

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- If someone is bad at certain things, they aren’t a good person (damn that black-and-white mindset, I’ve seen many people being categorized like this, myself included).
– An ex-con should be avoided like disease (come on! Give them a chance will you? Everyone makes mistakes in their life don’t they?)
– Someone who swears is a bad person.
– A person coming from a dysfunctional famly/having a horrible parents is a bad person (Everyone is an individual. External factors don’t necessarily change them.)
– You should fear and avoid anyone who has wierd behavior/opinions (this is just plain stupid.)

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Things I WOULD do: Act like a kid in public anywhere. Sing at the top of my lungs anywhere. Go skinny dipping in any natural body of water that I please. Have sex in public places (trying my best to make sure no kids and not many people were around). Go in public without a bra from time to time. Wear whatever I feel like in public (even if it doesn’t match/doesn’t look the best), tell the people at my mom’s nursing home EXACTLY how to treat my mom and what NEVER to do(not talking about any abuse here) and if they don’t I am gonna they are gonna catch hell.

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