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What are some things that you find disgusting, boring, or distasteful, that other people, in fact most other people, seem to love?

Asked by Kardamom (31429points) March 4th, 2015

Sometimes I feel like I’m a party of one. There are some things that I find boring, bad tasting, or just plain awful that everyone else around me seems to think is the “bees knees.” I don’t begrudge them their bad taste and boring pastimes, I just can’t partake with them and retain my sanity.

What about you? What things do you find practically unbearable that the majority of folks seems to not be able to get enough of?

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The thing that prompted this question was the fact that a co-worker brought in some chocolate cupcakes with 4 inch thick neon pink and blue butter-cream frosting yesterday. Everybody squealed with delight when they saw them and scarfed them down. I can’t stand chocolate cake, for starters. It’s too sweet and slightly bitter to me. If that’s not bad enough, butter-cream frosting is downright disgusting. It’s way too sweet and slightly crunchy because of all that sugar, and it has a weird chemical “off” taste to me. I’ve never liked it, even since I was a kid. I’ve always preferred whipped cream frosting, or cream cheese frosting on cakes.

Actually I’m not that big on cake, in general, either. I’d much prefer to eat pie than cake, any day of the week. But if I’m going to eat pie, I would prefer not to eat apple pie, which apparently is one of American’s favorite kinds of pie. I’ve never liked it, although I do love fresh raw apples. I don’t like them cooked, they’re mushy and the flavor is weird. I prefer boysenberry or pumpkin pie.

Pringles “potato chips” are foul.

Most sports, save for figure skating and gymnastics, are more boring than watching paint dry. At least when the paint is dry, you’ve got a lovely new wall color, an interior design blank canvas to do what you will with. Also, drying paint tends not to be violent.

Going to bars is a colossal waste of time, in my opinion. I don’t drink. I don’t care to be hit on, or to hit upon strangers. Bars are loud, impersonal places usually full of drunk people (which I don’t enjoy being around) and not conducive to having a nice chat with someone (without having to worry/assume that someone is looking to score). Grocery store checkout lines are better places to make friends and have a nice chat with someone.

Celebrating one’s birthday month. Really??? Everybody has a birthday and it’s one day out of 365, not 30 days of celebration. I don’t like the idea of huge birthday bashes either, ones that have 50 plus guests. I think birthday celebrations, past the age of 10 or 11 should be subtle and private and shared only amongst small numbers of close friends and family. Anything bigger than that (except maybe for your 50th or 80th or 100th birthday) seems like grandstanding and show-offy to me.

McDonald’s. I simply shudder at the thought of McDonald’s.

Velveeta. It’s not even cheese! Why would anyone use Velveeta to make macaroni and cheese when there is perfectly good real cheese in every grocery store and even 7–11?

Soda. There is nothing good about soda. It’s empty calories, it’s full of sugar, and it tastes terrible. I’d much rather drink un-sweetened freshly brewed iced tea, or a glass of cranberry juice, or fresh squeezed orange juice, or an ice cold glass of milk. If I were going to consume that many empty calories and sugar, I’d sure want that item to be a big glazed donut, or a cinnamon roll, or a bear claw.

Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, and Adam Sandler. Not funny. Bad acting (over acting in the case of Ben Stiller). I just don’t get it. They’re like the Tom Cruises of the comedy world. It’s too bad, because Ben Stiller’s parents, Jerry Stiller and Ann Meara are fantastic and funny.

OK I’m done with my rant. Now it’s your turn.

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The bacon craze. It’s just freaking bacon. It goes well with the traditional breakfast.

Also, eating wildly decadent or over the top food dishes. Why do you need to eat a triple cheeseburger? Why do you need to challenge yourself by eating peppers hot enough to put you in the hospital?

Oh, and all the diets: have you ever tried eating things that were already here on the planet naturally, and then, uhm…I don’t know…working out? Bread, fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, pasta etc. You eat these in normal portions, drink water and exercise. It’s not that hard.

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Most romantic comedies, or comedies in general. I just really don’t get the appeal. Yeah, it’s so awesome to completely stereotype absolutely everyone and make jokes so stupid that they take no brainpower whatsoever to think of.Yayyy? And slapstick comedy? I get that least of all.

Your paleo, no carb, all carbs, all meat, zero sugar, 8 tablespoons of sugar a day, only water, only purple foods on Tuesday diet/lifestyle is stupid. When did eating food and exercising become such a crazy concept? Unless you have literal allergies or health problems, there’s no reason your menu has to be that complicated.

People who say they dislike water. Certain kinds of tap water, yes, I can see – but that’s because of the pipes or because they live in a very mineral-rich area. But there are people who actively hate all kinds of drinking water. This is not something I will ever be able to make sense of.

Clubbing. I went a few times when I was younger and only because I was pretty much dragged by my friends. The last time I went was when a guy started dancing with me and came in his pants. No one will ever, under any circumstances, get me to step foot in another dance club.

Patriotism – anywhere. Let’s love the country, simply because it’s where we were born. It was completely out of our hands, so let’s be willing to fight and die for it, unquestioningly, just because! Yeah! Wooo!

Or, for that matter: school spirit. “My school is better than your school because I go here and not there!” Along the same lines as patriotism, but obviously not as fanatical – in most cases. :-P

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Patriotism. I don’t see the appeal, I just see the danger.

Jokes about bodily functions. I can see how they appeal to small children, because it’s a taboo subject for most, but that’s idiotic to me, too. Can’t laugh about that type of thing at all.

Gossip, especially the kind dealing with people’s looks. I’m not too “prim” for gossip, I just find it boring in most cases. Sooo boring.

Clubbing. Going out with friends, only to spend the evening at a place where you can’t talk to each other – seems weird, and not enjoyable at all.

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bacon, patriotism (a.k.a nazism), war, torture, dropping bombs on innocent civilians, nuclear terrorism against innocent civilians, racism, sexism, homophobia, police corruption, police brutality, bought politicians and judges.

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Fifty Shades of Grey/Twilight/etc. etc.

A billion news/social media stories about the colour of a dress.

The Kardashians/Housewives of anywhere/Geordie Shore or anything like that.

Soft drink.

Drinking shots or getting ratarsed generally.


People wearing fashions because they’re trendy even if they look really bad and don’t suit them.

Fur on bodies other than the one that grew it.

I’m sure there are lots of other things but I can’t think of them. People have already mentioned a number of things I find unappealing. I find the things @ragingloli mentioned but I don’t think most people like those things (do they?)

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@Earthbound_Misfit I also agree with all @ragingloli said. I would have said them myself, but I was thinking of more lighthearted things.

That said… I dunno… look at how many wars there are because of patriotism/fanaticism in general. Homophobia is rampant – which is precisely why marriage is outlawed for gay people in so many places. Or the fact that it’s perfectly legal to kill gay people in certain countries. Racism… yep, that’s rampant, too. And most racist people I meet tend to really enjoy putting anyone different than themselves down. Sexism? Yep, same thing. Just look at all the “jokes” and stereotypes. Sigh. People suck. :-/

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@DrasticDreamer, I agree all the things @ragingloli suggested are distasteful (even if I missed the word out of my sentence accidentally) but since @Kardamom said ‘that other people seem to love’, most of those things are surely not loved. They’re prevalent certainly. There are lots of racists, homophobes, sexists, bigots etc. but is that because they love being bigoted? I’d suggest most of them would deny that’s one of their traits. Patriotism is a bit different and I agree it’s distasteful but it certainly is popular with many other people.

I might add religion.


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@Earthbound_Misfit Yeah, I mean… I’m not sure. It could honestly be 50/50 in my opinion. I’ve met too many people who thoroughly enjoy putting other people down for being different. As for people enjoying torture… that could also be 50/50 – just look at how many pictures, and what kind, came out of Guantanamo Bay…

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Drinking and partying. I get up at 4:30 to work out and go to sleep at 9:00. Do I want to go to a bar? Hell no, alcohol isn’t going to do anything for me. I’d rather lift weights than go clubbing, any day.

Stupid-funny movies, aside from a few. Dumb and Dumber is part of my childhood, so I love it. Almost every Will Ferrel movie is torturous and don’t even get me started on the Scary Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, etc. parody films. Not funny.

Having friends. It simply takes more time and effort to maintain friendships than I’m willing to give. My husband is all the friend I need, and I don’t have to go out of my way to hang out with him.

Napping in the middle of the day. I don’t get it. I don’t get a lot of sleep, but even if I have time to nap (which I don’t) and actually manage to fall asleep (not likely), I’ll wake up feeling like absolute shit. No thanks. I sleep at night.

Hummus. It’s absolutely disgusting.

Religion. Meh, don’t really care. I wish someone could get this through my mother’s head, but alas…

Guns. And I live in the South. Gasp!

Reality shows, aside from a few. I love me some Catfish, but the Kardashians can kiss my ass.

Shopping. As a 20-something female in good shape with money to spend, I should love shopping. Nope. And window shopping? Hell no. Why would I brave the mall if I have no plans to buy anything? That place sucks. If I need clothes, I get what I need and get the hell out of there.

Fad diets. Gluten-free (unless you actually have Celiac disease), Paleo, low-carb, low-fat, anything backed by Dr.Oz, anything that involves pills that speed up or “aid” weight loss, anything that involves a detox or cleanse, juicing, raw diets, being vegan/vegetarian for health reasons, intermittent fasting, etc. It’s all bullshit and unnecessary.

Cardio for weight loss. Let’s just leave it at that.

People in general. I’m very easily annoyed and people get under my skin. I simply have no patience for them, but must endure them. Dogs are way better than people.

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Organised sport.

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Cotton candy, soda, hockey, fantasy football, strip clubs, violent video games, birthday parties, bachelor parties, beer, malls, 3D movies, listening to the radio, and listening to audio books.

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Most celebrities that people at my age love. I’ve got a feeling all of them try to follow one standard of beauty. As a result many of them look so… alike. I really can’t tell one singer apart from another. Isn’t is so boring that everyone all look the same? Not to mention some of them only have nice body and that’s all.

Many of the “popular” comedies here. They are just plain silly. They only make people laugh using silly word play. I don’t mind word play, but if a comedy can provide you nothing other than word play… It’s just like the directors can think of nothing funny and use word play at the last resort.

Having lovers and getting married maybe it’s because I’m asexual. I don’t object to anyone having lovers. But turning it into some kind of a life goal and getting panicked just because you can’t find a lover? It always gets on my nerve when anyone complain why they can’t find a lover and get married “on time”.

Following the crowd in general. Is this your life or the crowd’s life? Why the heck do you have to see what others do, say, like… so that you can copy them? Becoming a slave is fun?

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Fried eggs

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cake frosting, and therefore cake

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Binge drinking
The Royals
Small talk
Polite laughter
Fluther memes

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Cigarettes. Guns. The Kardashians. And of course using cell phones while driving.

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Reality tv, smug arrogant politicians who don’t even pretend to serve their constituents. Donald Trump.

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Bacon(all meat for that matter, but that bacon thing really makes no sense), ninjas,zombies,smart phones/Iphones/whateveradvancedphones, I just want my phone to make phone calls, Star Wars, wine. (I had put down sex….which is far less of a priority than most, but it doesn’t fit the question….I don’t find it disgusting!)

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Nothing. I love everything and everyone!

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Milk, mayonnaise, facebook, “reality” TV, watching sports.

Why all of the bacon hate here? I don’t get it.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me (forgetting that I am vegetarian for a moment). I generally get really sick of things that are just “ok” that then become this holy glorified thing that you can’t get away from seeing or hearing about. (other examples…ninjas and zombies)

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TEXTING, while I see it can have a place,but still HATE it refuse to do it, and can’t understand why people love it so much.
The ME FIRST attitude that most people have today I find that truly disgusting.
The Facebook craze really don’t know why most people just LOVE IT.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Because it’s a fad. There are sayings that make no sense, yet people repeat over and over again like everything tasting better with it. So you have People putting bacon on things like donuts or covering it in chocolate, Even ruining vodka with it.

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Toilet humor. The Brits seem to delight in it. I find nothing funny about farts, excrement, or anything related to these emissions or where they come from. And the spanking thing. What is with that?

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People’s obsession with sports and competition. It influences daily life when we all should be trying to get along, not “win-at-all-cost-all-the-time.” When some people commute daily in their cars, and are labeled as “aggressive,” are they really just competing as if on a auto race course?

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Yep, count me in with @Espiritus_Corvus I know a 46 yr. old that likes to play a fart medley app for laughs. Really?
Otherwise, I hate, hate, hate, political discussions which usually mean one person ranting on & on while you sit there with glazed over eyes. I also hate people and their boring little crafty hobbies like scrap booking and those that insist on taking 300 pictures of their…fill in the blanks, dog, cat, grandchild, rose bushes and expect you to come up with 300 comments on the same, repetitive image. ” oooh and HERE is little Skippy eating a pop tart” Gah!

I also can’t stand people who only talk about their dull daily routines, a 40 minute monologue on ” and THEN I did the laundry and swept the floor and made pork chops for dinner and took out the trash and watched TV from 8 to 10 and brushed my teeth and went to bed at exactly 10:17.”

Pointing finger at head and making bang sound.

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Well if we’re gonna start that shit:
American “comedy” shows, together with the inevitable canned laughter.

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While some of the things I either find boring (like virtually all reality TV shows) or that I find hugely illogical (bacon ice cream? bacon vodka? Oh the HORROR), have already been mentioned at least once, a few have been missed.

Christian Fundamentalists, whose messages grew stale, tired, and outdated years ago. (I include Mormons in this category even though there are Fundamentalists who refuse to see them as a Christian denomination.)

The Conservative Republican mindset, but don’t get me started on that soap box rant.

Media’s adoration of the Kardashian clan. Personally, I wish they would grow up and withdraw into the warp & woof of society’s fabric.

The media’s obsessive idea that, to be “socially acceptable”, everyone must be borderline emaciated. It is like the media wants us to become a nation of anorexics.

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Lol @ucme, sitcoms aren’t just in America. I’ve seen sitcoms from all over the EU countries.

ucme's avatar

Gee @Blackberry ya got me shaking all over with that fucking revelation :D
Of course they’re not, but US sitcoms are, almost without exception, truly, truly terrible.

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when two tribes go to war, a point is all that you can score

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Viral videos. “Must watch this ADORABLE puppy dance along with the CUTEST couple at their wedding reception!!!”

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New York City. It’s disgusting because most sidewalks are literally covered in bags of garbage, and dog shit and puddles of piss abound. Not to mention all the human bodily waste (cabbies liked to use my local park for a “break,” and I can’t even count the number of times I have noticed guys piss in corners of subway stations). And it’s an extremely boring place to live if you don’t have a lot of money to toss around.

Loyalty to a sports team. Part of it is the arbitrariness of liking a home team – just as with patriotism – but the part that makes it truly senseless to me is that every team switches up its individual players so often. The thing people are loyal to seems to have no real substance, only a brand name.

Hashtags. I get that they have a purpose sometimes, but people inventing them for everything and filling posts with them is kind of maddening.

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@jonsblond oh yes, I’m definitely with you on that one.

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@SQUEEKY2 I hate texting too and refuse to do it.
@Pachy Yep, not a gun fan here either.
@jonsblond Yes, but…I did have to look at that stupid white/gold blue/black dress thing. haha

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@janbb Fried eggs??? You wouldn’t say that if you had ever had my grandmother’s fried eggs. Over easy is the way with out flipping. First, fry up a mess o’ bacon until the grease is about 3/8” deep in the pan, Crack open the eggs into the grease. Allow them to fry some but don’t let ‘em get crispy. Using a turner, slosh the hot grease over the eggs to give them that “over easy” look, ya know, where the white stuff doesn’t look snotty anymore. Lift the eggs out of the grease, let ‘em drip just a tad, and serve ‘em up with (real) buttered toast, sour dough pancakes, maple syrup, and black cowboy coffee. (Cowboy coffee is made by putting some cold water into a pot, dumping in an appropriate amount of coffee and bringing to a boil for a minute, then serve boiling hot.) YUM!

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@kritiper Oh, believe me I would. I’ve never eaten a cooked egg in my life. Can’t abide them and never have.

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@janbb Oh. Well, you could always drink the grease…

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@kritiper Why all the grease? Wouldn’t you get the same flavor if the eggs weren’t doused in bacon grease? Theres already grease in the bacon as well… or is there some beneficial health reason I’m not aware of where bacon grease is that good for you?

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@Blackberry It’s the flavor the bacon grease gives the eggs, not the grease itself. You won’t get the same flavor in your eggs without it! The grease isn’t all that good for you, probably, but if you want REALLY tasty eggs, fix them like I described! They are just SO GOOD!!!

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@kritiper Agreed. It’s the only way to properly prepare eggs over easy. Flipping them will break the yolk most of the time.

For the squeamish here: Very little of the grease actually makes it to the plate.

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Can this discussion be closed? Just kidding.

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Hey…speaking of eggs, I just came across a neato little idea. You plant seeds in eggshells that have had their tops cracked off then after they sprout you just pop the seedling in the soil in the eggshell right into the ground.
Instant, organic seed cups. Crush the bottom of the shell cup a little before sticking in the planting hole. Okay…back on topic haha

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