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Does smiling too much create wrinkles?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) July 14th, 2008

My friend had warned me that smiling too much may result in more wrinkles, I don’t believe it, but could it be true?

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I doubt it. Unless your smiling in excessive sunlight. That might do it. Aging will too, but I wouldn’t recommend stopping that.

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I don’t know. I’ve heard of frown lines.
If any of you have seen that train wreck of a film the Happening, you’ll notice Mark Wahlberg is in danger of getting them with all the frowning he does in it.

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Yeah, but so what? I bet your smile is adorable. I bet your smile is so spectacular that the bright light of it will diminish those smile lines….they’ll be the evidence that you had a great life. Your proof of a life well lived. Way more ‘attractive’ than a wrinkle free face.

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I agree with you 100% chatnoir!

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Yeah it does but these are good wrinkles to have. It shows that you have had a successful life. They are much better then frowning wrinkles.

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there’s no such thing as smiling too much

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Yes, but great ones. I just love people with eyes that smile, even when they aren’t smiling. You just know they spend a lot of time doing some and must be great to be around. Two famous examples I can think of offhand are Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin.

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Even if it did cause wrinkles, I’d say do it anyway :-)

….and email a picture of yourself smiling to that friend of yours… it might bring a “wrinkle” to their face too :-)

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How much is too much??

Realistically, unless you’re incredibly careful about your skin (and one could argue that being that careful might interfere with living happily and spontaneously) , you will get some wrinkles eventually. Personally I know I’d prefer to have the ‘laughing wrinkles’ (around mouth and eyes) than the ‘frowning wrinkles’ (around your lips and on your forehead).

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Guess what, wrinkles are a map of life experiences. A blank, unwrinkled face shows a shallow, unlived life. Smile and laugh and experience life.

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After i wrote “there’s no such thing
as smiling too much”, I realized I was being inane. For example, a friend of mine smiles whenever something interests him, even if it’s hurtful. This confuses people. Also, there is the monstrous smile that is smiled by hideous creepy scarey entities when they are about the eat you alive. Ew.
Okay, these examples aren’t really about wrinkles.

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I’m going to sleep with the lights on tonight.

edit: If I can sleep. shiver

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Yeah but it also gets you friends. :-)

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