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Do you have any good variations on macaroni salad?

Asked by Kardamom (31414points) March 5th, 2015

I love macaroni salad and am craving it right now. I’m pretty happy with the standard Macaroni Salad, but maybe you have a recipe, or an idea for some add-ins, or a variation on the dressing that you think would take this dish up a notch.

Will you share your best recipes and ideas with me?

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I always thought every type of pasta salad was disgusting, but now I have discovered one I like. It’s on the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday’s. It has rotini pasta, peas and ham (I usually try to avoid the ham) and I know there are some copycat recipes online, but I’ve never tried them. Sometimes it has too much mayo mixture for me, it depends on the restaurant. I don’t like mayo except for very particular things, and then I just like it sparingly usually. Since you’re making it at home you obviously can adjust it.

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Try this one, lemony orzo veggie salad it’s Italian cuisine though but it’s really really awesome!

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When I make it, I like to put hard boiled eggs and tuna in it. I also put celery, too. The eggs and tuna I figure is for protein.

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Add ricotta cheese to cheddar mix and chunks of lobster. Lemon pepper and panko on top put it in oven a 350* F until top is brown.

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I make the most delicious tuna/pasta salad, but, I know you are a veggie person.
Never the less, this is so good.

Use small shell pasta, white albacore tuna, lite mayo and mix with cubed cheddar cheese, minced red onion and diced sweet pickles. Sounds funky but trust me, it is amazingly good!

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I see a lot of the suggestions here are very gourmet, but for me, the simple addition of chopped tomatoes does wonder to change the flavor mix of your basic macaroni salad. The first time I had it that way was a revelation to me. Of course, quality tomatoes are key.

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Yes! Omit the dam celery and pimentos!

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I have never been able to “get” macaroni salad. Sorry Kardamom.

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I guess I should have mentioned that I’m a vegetarian. Most of these ideas won’t work for me : (

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