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Why do guys go for younger girls?

Asked by apple10 (27points) July 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I don’t understand how a girl their age (22) can be in to them and they go for sixteen and seventeen year olds!?

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Insecure. Young kids easy to impress.

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I don’t think they generally do. When I was 22, I would not have messed around with girls that young. So, I dunno and would tend to alert for what’s going on.

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I dated a guy who was 28. (I’m 20.) I don’t know what else to say to this question.

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I guess because the younger girls are wanting an older man, less effort for the guys to get what they want.

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Because they’re cuter.

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They’re not cuter. ;-)

Younger is one thing, but before 18 there are issues like still-in-high-school, being the responsibility of parents, etc., in addition to the age.

Lovelyy’s “less effort” is a likely idea. Still 22-y.o. guys going for 16 & 17 y.o. girls sets off my danger sense.

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Procreation, evolution, television.

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Because the older babes see them as the sex craving caveman they are…

Oww… I think I just insulted at least half of my gender. (male)

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wait. I was confused by the wording.

“Why do really young guys go for highschool girls?” seems more the heart of the question?

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@ SilentlyLogical: Ouch! Not all of us are sex craving cavemen. I for one can’t date a girl if she can’t vote, and that’s pushing it. Most of the guys I hang with, and know, try to date women as close to their age as possible.

And if a 22 yr. old is trying to date a 16, or 17 year old, that’s just kinda weird to me. For instance, I know a 22 yr. old girl who is dating a 28 year old guy. It’s just weird to me at that age.

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well I always went older…
Another question would be why don’t 16 year old girls want to date 16 year old boys?

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Then obviously your friends and yourself are part of the 50% who aren’t sex craving cavemen… I see no contradiction in my previous statement.

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When puberty starts most girls are way ahead of the boys their age. Unless you like the behaviour of boys in their adolescent first years, my guess is that girls like a more mature guy.

And yes, for the more material girls out there, there are quite a few pro’s when it comes to older guys. Their own car, apartment and pay check do help.

For the guys in question, when they reach that age, they have met the younger girls with maturity. I don’t believe it has to do with insecurity.

This within a reasonable age difference of course. Old men with highschool girls are just nasty.

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Maybe it’s for a sense of power. Plus younger girls still see those older guys in a light of awe. For example, if you’re 28 and living with mommy and daddy still, any girl your age is going to think you’re a loser but a younger girl is just going to be thrilled that you have a car and don’t have a curfew.

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Younger girls love a shot with an older man because they have the chance to experiment what real life is, let’s say, after college, like going to a very fine restaurant, getting a very nice gift, getting a ride in a very nice car. And for guys, I guess it’s because a younger girl makes u feel younger. In my case, I don’t date younger girls, o.k., a couple of years younger is fine, but more than 3 years is way too much, I’m not a nanny :S

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My girlfriend of three years is 15 years older than me, and in my adult life I have generally skewed towards older women. However, I do have a latent desire to experience one or more flings with younger women, in part, because they possess a type of beauty that I would describe as “fresh” and that is appreciated much differently and probably more deeply at an older age than when a man is in his youth. Also, on a personal level, a chunk of my life at that age was preoccupied with just keeping my head above water, so I missed out on a lot of dating during that time.

What holds me back, though, from cradle robbing is a perception of what I usually think of as “stupidity” among younger girls, which probably isn’t stupidity so much as a different level of maturity (and perhaps emotional maintenance). It is usually enough of an ick factor to be a deterrent. I’m sure someday, though, I’ll take the (jail)bait.

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Kev, does that mean you are an aspiring dirty old man?? (Kidding)

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Hell yeah. I ain’t ashamed.

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Ha ha.. I’m going to keep my eye on you!

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While you’re at it, keep the other one on the lookout for a young wayward girl in need of some guidance in the ways of the world. ;-)

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How ‘bout why do I go for guys that are 47 years older than me? I would like to know that. I don’t even know!

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Well for you it’s only one guy, but frankly, that’s somewhat disturbing. (Can we say obsession?)

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@kevbo looks like you’ve got a good candidate right after your last post!!

@Allie THANK YOU!!!

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@Allie: yes we can.

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If this question were asked the opposite way, I would imagine that the girl wants to date older men, because they could take care of them, look out for them, being the older guy and more responsible?

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too pedophile for me under 21.

I’d need to stay my own age or older.
Usually a year or three older happens.

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@curiouscat: I think that IS the reason. Like all the guys my age to like age 21 are complete jerks to me. BUT guys that are older act more mature towards me.

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I will never understand anyone who didn’t sit on a bean bag chair while watching morc & mindy.

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Men have a strong biological urge to mate with that that represents vitality, health, and fertility; therefore, once they sexually mature, they have a tendency to be attracted to females exhibiting those characteristics. For a period, I’d say until early 20’s, available partners are equally young and green, so most people date within their age range. However, as time goes on, the girls mature faster, creating an emotional disparity and the guys start looking at younger girls as potential mates.

Not all men like seriously younger women, but I think many men’s heads are turned by a beautiful, fresh-faced, fertile woman. I also think the desire for younger women is proportionate to men getting older (loss of vitality in self, etc.). You start noticing the upward trend of men dating younger women as the men become older. Much more so than the other way around (older woman, younger man)... it all goes back to that biological imperative, that men are usually attracted to that which radiates health and fertility.

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Well Alena has explained the biology of it beautifully.
Other factors seem to be the yearning for someone clueless to lie to, the yearning for legitimate admiration, the yearning for the illusion that one’s youth is not over – you look at the person you’re with instead of into the mirror, and it
tells you a lie you love.

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I think susanc nailed it in the very first response to this question. Insecurity. A lack of maturity may also be involved. I have a theory that for guys (sorry to be so gender-specific here) who either don’t see themselves as “cool” or aren’t cool, popular, you know—in short, they don’t have the arbitrary “stuff” that gets lots of ladies hot for them-being older than someone else gives you about a +5 on the coolness scale right off the bat. Think about a female first-year college student. She might never give her dorky next-door neighbor the time of day, but if that same guy aged four years, grew a little more facial hair, moved off-campus, had the ability to buy alcohol, and gained slightly more life experience, the same loser dude would suddenly be more attractive to that same female based solely on the fact that he’s older than her. That’s just my totally un-scientific, un-tested theory. You can chalk it up to my 23-year-old “stupidity.” Just kidding, Kev. :)

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Hey, you’re the exception. ;-)

Thanks for the tips.

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Let me ask you this instead; why do girls like older guys?

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Guys really want and need to be needed and adored. As we all know after several years of marriage it is hard to adore your spouse. However, women need to realize there are younger women out there that are willing to feed our man’s emotional needs. Basically guys need three things: food, sex and respect.

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