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How far apart should I keep my laptop from a bookshelf-style stereo system?

Asked by mcbealer (10219points) July 14th, 2008

Is it safe to put my laptop on top of my small bookshelf-style stereo system while I play the music off iTunes using a Y audio cable through the stereo speakers? What, if any, danger is there to this setup? I did some research on magnetic fields, but all I could find pertained to CRT-type monitors.

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you should be good; the only thing that may go wrong is heat transfer so a bit of over heating.

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The magnetic field generated from a normal stereo system is nowhere near strong enough to interfere with any of the mag-sensitive components in the laptop, like the hard-drive and LCD screen. In fact, the magnets used to stabilise the drive platters are much much stronger than those used in speakers.

@joeysefika mentioned heat transfer, but the temperature likely won’t be high enough to hinder normal ventilation in any good laptop.

All in all, you could put it right on top and it should be fine.

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thanks, guys—sounds like I have finally found the sweet setup to watch the iTunes visualizer while I lounge on my futon.

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Sounds good. :) Are you enjoying the free Remote app for the iPhone, for controlling a computer with iTunes? Check it out on the App Store if you haven’t already, you’ll like it.

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@ richard henry ~ I’ve heard about that, I thought you had to have an Apple TV

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@mcbealer its for itunes as well; and works extraordinarily well.

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woo-hoo me shall get it….

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