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Anyone have valuable feedback on purchasing a memory foam mattress?

Asked by cindy6226 (4points) March 10th, 2015

Looking to replace my old bed, Killing our backs! Im searching reviews, brands the types, density, materials and such. Would really value feedback from others who already own one. My husband and I did go out to try them out and see how they feel. We are conflicted on the prices in a box store and online prices, which vary significantly. Nutshell—we dont want to overpay on an item! Thank you!

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I love my queen size MF, it is 7 years old and came with a 20 yr. warranty. It is about 10 inches thick, extremely comfortable, zero transfer movement, no squeaks, super comfy and I can’t remember the brand but it is a well known CA. mattress manufacturer. I am not with my bed in the moment but…brand aside, I couldn’t be happier with mine. They do retain heat so can be extra warm at times.

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I’m on my second tempurpedic. Bought the deluxe, full size over ten years ago and last year upgraded to a queen size, tempurpedic cloud select.
Since having these beds, I sleep great and have very little back or shoulder pain, which I tend to get when i sleep away from home. The bed is so great, when we go away for vacation, we actually look forward to getting home to sleep in the bed.

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I bought a memory foam topper (maybe 2”?) and put it on my waterbed (yes, I STILL own a waterbed, get off my case). My wife likes it and says it feels good, I cannot tell any difference except it is harder to put on the sheets.

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I bought one from Value City Furniture. It was a great price and came with a warranty (7 years? 10? Not sure).

It’s been ~5 years and my husband and I each have our own indentation in the foam. We have a service appointment for VCF to check our mattress and see if it should be replaced under warranty.

Be prepared for the smell. Our new mattress smelled for weeks, if not months. A very strong chemical-ly smell.

I have heard good things about these mattresses.

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Just to sound a less positive note; the smell is strong – called ‘newness’ by some manufacturers! – And takes a while to dissipate. If you are inclined to overheat, memory foam can be very uncomfortable. We have recently bought a latex-topped mattress replacing two previous memory foam ones and it is very comfortable indeed.

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I have the Tuft and Needle mattress that @Cupcake mentioned and it’s been really great.

I didn’t like the doughy feeling of the tempurpedic mattresses (just personal preference), so wasn’t considering a foam mattress until I came across their site. The price is great (they’ve gone up some), includes shipping, and if you don’t like it, they have you donate it to a local charity rather than ship it back while still refunding your money. It seemed like a no loss trial.

I love it. It’s firm but very even and doesn’t move when my wife or I do. It’s been a huge difference.

Check out Amazon for good and bad reviews and see if it’s a fit.

edit to add, it smelled for about a day, but was much less than I expected

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Try Ikea. They’re usually much more reasonably priced.

I’ve had an Ikea foam mattress for years and am quite happy with it.

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There’s a new thing out called Casper. Free trial for 100 nights.

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