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Where you get your daily dose of latest in fashion?

Asked by LesFex (9points) July 14th, 2008
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I seriously get daily text messages from enews telling me the latest trends ha. Not only that I also get my horoscope, celeb gossip, diet tips, health tips, and go green tips(:

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I dont know about daily dose, but if im trying to find something i usually go to or both sites are mostly centered around cosmetics, but they also have fashion sections…...

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I check in with my college regularly.
Also, Elle has some good features and if I can’t look around on the streets myself, I look at sites like this

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I don’t really follow fashion that closely but I do use thecoolhunter so I was alerted to the fact that they have recently created a new sister site, fationation, which is actually really quite interesting.

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To look at me most of the time, you’d think I got my fashion tips from Pravda.

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Really? I would have guessed “Prada.” (I’d link to the site, but their photography is tacky.)
Я не знаю, что вам понравилась славянской журналистики.

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@Узел: Я действительно моден. Бабушки Russan научили мне. Is this to pay me back for the Czech?

Очень смешно

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Now this does seem very on topic and excellent use of the official language of Fluther. Certainly not a conversation more suitable for private comments or the chat room.

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I have taken this private. Altho we are talking about daily doses of fashion.

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mostly for guys: is good for the latest sneaker and street fashion. if you’re looking for cool tees. to scan trends.
i also check occasionally to smile at what all the scene kids are wearing these days.
and read some GQ if you have a minute in a convenience store.
hope this helps!

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