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Question to the Brits about Graham Norton?

Asked by tinyfaery (43479points) July 15th, 2008

I watch his talk show on BBC America, and I was just curious how popular he is in Great Britain. I think he’s funny, and I love his guests.

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Graham’s actually Irish, from Bandon, Co. Cork. But he did spend a lot of time in London and the shows he made there were quite popular. He also made a few appearances in Father Ted, an Irish comedy about catholic priests living on a little island.

Personally, I think he’s hilarious – and he used to have an appartment across the street from where I lived, but I’m not British (or Irish for that matter), so this might not count.

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He’s still on the air, yes? (I just specified Brits because I figured they be the most likely to know. Thanks for the answer!)

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yes he is still on the air. I think he’s hilarious and often manages to convince his guests to do some pretty funny stuff such as Martin Sheen being shot at with a paint ball gun while members of the audience tried to jump in front of the bullets (refernce to the West Wing). When ever he interviews Grace Jones is also worth watching.

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I love his show!! None of our talk show hosts even come close. Its soo much dirtier. Damn puritanical yanks. :)

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I really like him too. He’s a very popular TV host, fronting some of the most watched reality shows (I’d do anything, Any dream will do). He wouldn’t get the big gigs unless the public liked him. He’s fun with his guests too, doesn’t stand on ceremony.

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Hah, my family were talking about him at lunch today! We all think he’s very funny, and it seems that most people would agree. So yes, he’s popular.

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He did a good job with Eurovision.

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