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Which is the best Honeymoon destination?

Asked by sharmapk752 (8points) March 11th, 2015

Choose one from below locations:

- Goa
– Hawaii
– Thailand
– New Zealand
– Fiji
– Tahiti
– Greece

Any Other

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That depends on the couple. We can’t decide for someone else.

Most of your choices are over 15 hours for me to fly to. I’d have to be up to the expense, long flight, and have enough days off from work to consider doing it.

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I’m not sure why but Niagara Falls is a famous honeymoon destination. All the big hotels have specials for honeymooners.

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Cap d’Antibes.

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What do you like to do?

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Depends on the couple but my choice would be Italy. Beautiful and very romantic.
I’m not crazy about any of your choices, but that’s me.

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It totally depends on what kind of honeymoon you would like. If you want to spend the time in the sun gazing into each others’ eyes and making love then Fiji.

If you are adventurous and want to hike, do water activities, etc, then New Zealand.

If you want to spend your time admiring culture and steeped in history then Greece.

It totally depends on what kind of trip you want to have and what you two are like.

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For me/us it would be New Zealand but we have always wanted to go there. (Fiji and Greece sound good too though, particularly if we are talking the Greek Islands).

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Greece is very cheap right now, and very nice. You might not see these prices again for another generation, especially on Santorini and Mikonos compared to years past. To really get away, try one of the lesser travelled islands like Iraklia and rent a car or even a donkey cart and take a house high on the cliffs overlooking the Aegean for a week for what it used to cost per day. Diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, biking, exploring the ancient caves on many of these islands, clubbing down in town, shopping, and eating. A lot of history and artefacts to see as well. It all makes for good reading on that long flight over.

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@Espiritus_Corvus You’ve got me convinced.

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It’s a good time to buy that house on the cliff, bebe.

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Only if Sam and Betsy come with.

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Greece would be a little too close to Ground Zero for a honeymoon. Southern Europe/Middle East/Northern Africa Would all be out of the running. Hawaii is always nice but a bit conventional. New Zealand would be my vote. I’ve been there once and it is a memory that stands out from all other vacations. Combine it with a hop to Australia and you’ve got something great.

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You are getting interesting suggestions here. I will offer a different perspective. Ready?
Remember, the most important part of the honeymoon is your partner and you, not the destination.
Read that sentence again.
Don’t pressure yourself to do anything. In the grand scheme of things the destination is immaterial. Go where you can enjoy the company of each other without pressure or distractions from others.
Go somewhere that minimizes stress and gives you the chance to talk and be a couple. Got it?

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I totally agree it depends on what you both like to do. Are you active, fun-loving people? Do you prefer art galleries and cultural opportunities to bungee jumping? Where are you located now? Is money no option? Are you romantic or more pragmatic? Do you love animals? Do you like nature and hiking/bush walking? Would you prefer to float down a canal in a gondola?

I’m shocked Australia isn’t on your list. I am of course biased since I live there.

And Niagara Falls @LuckyGuy? Loved the falls, hated the overly commercial setting away from the falls. It reminded me of Blackpool.

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I would choose Greece.

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@Earthbound_Misfit I don’t know why Niagara Falls is so popular. Maybe: low cost? nice views? low stress? funny tourist sights? language? travel ease? I don’t know.
As I said before “The most important part of the honeymoon is your partner and you, not the destination.”

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We did Bali and Phuket (Thailand) for our honeymoon.

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@LuckyGuy Is Niagara Falls still popular? I had the impression that was an older destination when people didn’t travel as much.

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I was going to say the nearest hotel but this is in the General Section.

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@janbb Yep. It is still popular. See Honeymoon Packages
A couple can find anything – from the conservative to the outlandish.
Or simply enjoy the nearby wineries – and each other.

Cheap, easy, safe, and low stress.

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@LuckyGuy I read that as “nearby wienies.”

(Since the OP has not returned to the question, I figure we can run with it.)

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Divorce court… before the “magic” fades. ;-)

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Ok, I lost the thread: Who is enjoying the nearby wienies?

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I would choose Tahiti. Anyway, it all boils down to where the couples want to spend their honeymoon (after considering all options/costs).

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