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Digital cards, whether Hockey or Star whatever... Is this tangible? Can one truly " collect" an image?

Asked by zenzen (4077points) March 14th, 2015

I am fascinated by this concept, especially as I used to collect cards in my youth.

But these are digital images, pixels.

How, and why, would someone spend money collecting them, when, in fact, one could simply copy, download or create any image in the internetverse.

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Considering Tangible means perceptible by touch, no.

Card games in general don’t appeal to me but one’s on a computer? That’s just silly.

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Is it clear enough of what I speak or mayhaps a link is in order?

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If you have to ask if a link is an order then a link is probably in order.

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Here’s a link to the Star Wars cards app from Topps.

I was curious how the “collecting” went with these things too so tried out something similar a while back and saw a story on the Star Wars app this week. I’m guessing that’s what we’re talking about, right?

I had a lot of sportscards when I was young and I think there were two parts that young me really liked. First opening packs and seeing what you got, and then the organization, cataloging, valuing, and tracking of them. From trying out one of the apps, the opening part is there. You get that feeling of finding something, or being lucky, or whatever it is. But the other really isn’t there and it feels really temporary, like once the fad is over, you’ll delete the app, and nothing stays with you. It feels more like a game, with achievements and rewards than a collection.

So nothing to find in your attic in 20 years and reminisce. I’m not sure why that’s important, but it seems to be part of collecting.

Maybe it’s not part of it for everyone, and I’m definitely not the target audience anymore. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

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@funkdaddy nailed it, thanks.

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@Darth_Algar now that @funkdaddy has supplied a link, what do you think?

@XOIIO tangible has several meanings, pick the one most suitable for the op. Here, and elsewhere, as a rule of thumb.

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I don’t really have an opinion about it honestly.

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I’m sure the reason most kids collect cards is because of the act of collecting something, not necessarily becuase it is tangible. Kids now are growing up in a digital world, so collecting digital cards is probably as satisfying to them as physical cards are for others.

I’m sure hundreds of years from now kids will scoff at the thought of having to store thousands of pieces of paper just to satisfy a desire to collect things.

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