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What is slick way to kill moss?

Asked by josie (30931points) March 16th, 2015

I have a brick paver patio. It gets indirect sun. Moss grows in between the bricks. It is not really horrible, but I don’t like it. What I am looking for is something I can mix in a bucket, toss it over the patio, spread it out with a broom and voila, kills the moss. I really do not want to stand there all day and squirt a stream of stuff until my forearms get vascular. Did I ask this last year?

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Salt would work. Just try it in a small area at first to make sure it doesn’t interact with your pavers.

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Is there a particular concentration that is the minimum but still effective?

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I’m guessing it would vary based on precipitation, light levels, pH, etc. I’d use trial and error until you hit the right mix. Just make sure the runoff won’t go towards plants.

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Flamethrower. Once or twice a summer.

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A small propane torch would probably work without breaking some bricks.

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I think you should try to develop a more tolerant attitude toward the Moss. It is not like it chose to grow on your patio. There are people in the Middle East who would die to have moss on their patio. or even to have your patio for that matter

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I have moss that grows on flagstones on north side of house. I remove it manually with the side of my sneaker or the blade of a lady shovel. I don’t know whether this technique would work between the brick pavers.

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flame thrower.
I see city workers use them when they torch the weeds on the sidewalk.

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