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Girls, do you find it disrespectful when your boyfriend calls you "hot" instead of "pretty" or "beautiful"?

Asked by bugmenot (140points) July 15th, 2008 from iPhone
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is this a serious question??

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I’m not a girl, but, it is disrespectful of course…. I personally won’t do it, ever! My girlfriend is not a cup of coffee :S

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“bitch” is disrespectful, “beautiful” is what someone says when they are trying not to hurt your feelings, “pretty” is someone who is “ehh okay”, and “hot” is a complement.

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bahahahahah, i dont think its disrepectful i just think that its better to use hot or pretty..i just don’t use it. maybe with my buddies.

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I don’t think it’s disrespectful at all. It kind of makes me roll my eyes, because it reminds me of highschool boys or something like that. But I think “sexy” is the grown-up version, and I really like it when my partner calls me that. I use it a lot too.

I don’t think I’ve been called hot (to my face, at least) since about tenth grade. Although I think I’ve probably talked about hot guys with my girlfriends more recently than that.

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in my answer replace hot with beautiful

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It’s all about context. If the girl is trying to look sexy or hot, why would it be disrespectful to say so?
If I was putting on my best professional attire for a job interview, I’d be a bit put off if my husband said I look ‘hot’. But then again, if I’m putting on sexy lingerie for him, I’d be a bit stifled if his response was that I look ‘pretty’.....

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I would rather be called “beautiful” or “pretty” any day. It sounds more classy. But it all depends on how it’s said.

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I don’t find it any more disrespectful that being called “girl”.

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I don’t like it. I’m sure I’d have no problem with it if it hadn’t been used in a disrespectful manner within so many songs, TV programmes and films.

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I give a standing ovation to Allie =)

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I would definitely prefer “beautiful” over “hot” or “sexy”
if I call someone hot, it’s purely physical. when I really like someone and appreciate them I could never call them sexy or anything, it feels weird. “cute” is my word of choice but I know many boys don’t appreciate that :p

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I do! I feel like I’m crossing a line when I call someone “hot” just because it is dirty. It’s just my personal opinion though.

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i dunno; i get “you’re cute” a lot…so i rather like when someone calls me “hot”.
see but then again it depends on the age group. teenage girls like the description “hot” a lot more than older women, at least i think thats true.
and i agree that pretty is just a way of saying that they’re OK and that beautiful is usually total BS.

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Since when is saying someone is beautiful bullshit?
I go to my moms office just to drop in and say hi to her sometimes, and when I was in there one day a student from their department came in to ask her a question. I told her I would see her at home and left. When she came home she told me that the student who came in told her that he thought I was beautiful (I’m not trying to be vain.. so sorry) and asked her to give me his number. We ended up dating for about five months and he continued to tell me I was pretty/beautiful. I still do and always will consider it a compliment.

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Is it just me or is Jessica Alba beautiful bullshit?

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It’s just you. I don’t think she’s that beautiful. =\

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Aw cmon, or is Mary Winstead prettier?

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She is attractive in a classic way. I just think Jessica Alba is way overrated. Sorry to all the men out there who think she’s gorgeous. Women too I guess.

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I don’t think Jessica Alba is half as overrated as Angelina Jolie. I just do not think she’s attractive at all.
sorry to butt in but i couldn’t help myself

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I’ll tell you who I think is beautiful (even though you didn’t ask, I just thought I’d throw it out there…)

Audrey Hepburn

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Mary winstead beats all. Do a google image search! Dang.

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nah, can’t say mary winstead is that amazing. looks pretty average to me, nothing special.

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Google images!!!! Have you seen that beautiful, 24 year old??

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generalspecific: I agree about Angelina Jolie..
shrubbbbbbbbbery: .. about Audrey Hepburn, too.

Personally, I think so many of the current Hollywood icons have been nipped and pulled and tucked it isn’t even beauty anymore, it’s who has the better plastic surgeon. The classic beauties are much more.. well.. beautiful. (Yeah, I know some of them have had work done too, but c’mon, it wasn’t nearly as common.) Claudette Colbert, Elizabeth Taylor, Gene Tierney, Grace Kelly, Hedy Lamarr, Ursula Andress, Anne Bancroft, Anita Ekberg, Sharon Tate

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Don’t forget Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

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elizabeth taylor is gorgeous. good choices. I dunno, I agree though. I feel like all the stars today sort of look the same.. you never see anything too unique. I’d personally love to see more shapes, sizes, colors, etc. There are different kinds of beauty.
though, I do find Keri Russell quite lovely.

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I can’t get the link to work… Sorry.

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I never really liked the phrase “your hot”, but there is something about it when a guy says it. Because when a guy says it it means “damn that girls got it”. But really I like being called pretty or beautiful by my boy friend. And sexy on a occasion. Because when your man calls you beautiful that means he loves you not just your a hot piece of ass. And when he still calls you sexy from time to time it means he hasn’t lost interest.

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