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Washington state information on changing name?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) July 15th, 2008

We are getting married in a couple of weeks and I am trying to get the name change paperwork going. I have looked at the King County websites, but I cannot find any forms to download. Anyone done this in WA before and can be of assistance? What agencies do I need to contact?

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I changed my name in Washington State, but I was changing my first name. Here is data:

“Applications for Name Changes may be filed in the county where you reside. The process consists of completing a Petition for Name Change and an Order for Name Change. The original Petition is filed with the clerk in any district court division located within the county of your residence. Photo ID may be required.

Name Change fees vary depending upon the number of persons named on the Petition. The King County District Court fee for name changes is $110 (effective 1/1/2008) which includes the $53 filing fee, a $10 administrative cost, a $42 recording cost per named individual and one certified copy. Additional certified copies are $5 per copy. ”

Note: all the forms are on that Web site along with a copy of the procedures as PDFs that you can download. If you are not in King County, you will need to contact the County in which you reside.

Do you mean that you are taking your husband’s last name when you marry? because I think that is different. “Here” is what the Washington State Bar Association says about that:

“Name Change

Although wives have traditionally assumed the husband’s name, this practice is a social custom, not a legal requirement.

Whether a woman plans to retain her last name or change it, she should sign the marriage license and related documents in her present legal name (the name she used up until this marriage).

Even if she does not plan to take her husband’s name, she may want to notify certain governmental or financial agencies of her change in marital status.

A name change may be made by either an informal method (such as with an “Affidavit of Name Change”) or by a formal, court-ordered process. Notification of the change should be made to pertinent agencies or authorities. Husbands and wives who wish to assume a combined or hyphenated last name may want to consult a lawyer to determine the procedure best suited to their needs and situation.

To avoid legal confusion, a person should sign his or her name in one consistent way on all documents, forms and correspondence.”

and from a Washington State document:

“Adult Name Change at Marriage and Divorce:
Use of the husband’s surname (last name) at marriage is a matter of custom, not law. If you wish to use your new husband’s name at marriage, simply sign all documents except the marriage license using his last name. If you wish to retain your name rather than to adopt your new husband’s name, sign the marriage license and related documents using your own name. No other action is needed because your name is not being changed, but is staying the same despite a contrary custom. The same procedures apply to men.”

Good luck. Have a great wedding.

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Yeah, I don’t think you need to do anything except the marriage paperwork and then let anyone know who needs to.

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I hope you’re marrying for lurve and not just money. :D

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