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Is Google search's autocomplete feature still not working?

Asked by flo (12974points) March 20th, 2015

I’m asking because of this
For some people something works and it doesn’t work fr some others, so is it autocomplete in Google working for you? It was reported on March 4 in Google producforums

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It works for me when I use Firefox.

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@Brian1946 Only when you use Fireox?

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It also works when I use Chrome.

By autocomplete, do you mean the feature where Google gives you a list of likely completions based on the first few letters you type?

E.g., if I type Bri in the search bar, I get:

brian williams
british airways
britney spears

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Exactly, that is what I mean. Is there anything that you’ve tried it doesn’t work with?

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Bing, Yahoo no problem.

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Yes it is definitely working. It all depends on how user searches which varies by region and language.

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