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Do you share very personal, intimate details of your life with people you consider close friends?

Asked by jca (36043points) March 21st, 2015

Is it easy for you to share personal details, family secrets, skeletons in the closet, etc. with people that you consider close friends? Do you easily talk about personal details (as outlined above) or do you tend to keep things to yourself?

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I have no close people but I don’t think I’d be open enough to share personal details anyway. They seem irrelevant.

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Only when I’m sure I won’t rub the listener the wrong way. I choose who to share what. I may share one thing to one person and another thing to another.

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Yes I do. To varying degrees with different friends but my close friends know my back story which was pretty traumatic.

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I have 2–3 people with whom I share stuff like that, and they with me. I feel fortunate to have such people in my life.

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No. At this stage in my life I consider the “personal, intimate details” of my life far too dated and boring to talk about with anyone.

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Some friends, some details, some times.

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Nah, they don’t need to know about the weeping sores on my Johnson.

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I share everything with my closest friends. But my closest friends are few.

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Yes, I do although I try to avoid over-sharing. If the context and situation is right I have no problem discussing anything, but some people routinely tell people way too much.

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Nope. Which may be why I don’t have any close friends.

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Heck, I talk about that stuff with strangers on the internet, so of course I talk about it with those closest to me. I’m generally an open book.

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I find it’s sometimes easier to discuss private things with people I don’t know well than it is to discuss with people I am close with.

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I’m like a faucet. I share nothing or everything, and not always in ways that make sense. I may blurt out a deep truth to a close friend one day and will never speak of it again. I may tell a mere acquaintance intimate details I really shouldn’t day after day while continually telling myself to just shut up. Mostly, I know once I’m on, I can’t turn it back off, so I try to stay off as much as possible.

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Yeah, I do occasionally. But I lot of things I keep to myself because if I told my friends them it would hurt them.

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Only with one very very close friend almost like a sister from another mother and not every single thing, i know what to share and what not to she shares her personal stuff with me so we trust each other to the highest degree…those types of friends are hard to come by i feel lucky we are such good and close friends.

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