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What do you think is a fair price to have ONE room professionally painted?

Asked by Pachy (18592points) March 21st, 2015

Just four walls and nothing fancy, no special paint.

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Is the trim/moulding going to be the same color?

How many windows/doors? What kind of windows?

Windows are a real pain if you have to take time masking around the panes.

Need more information.

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I paid $350 for a small bathroom but it was two coats and a lot of cutting in. I thought that was pretty high but it was a friend starting out on his own. Another painter had quoted me $150 two years ago for the same job. Should have done it then.

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@elbanditoroso, thanks for nudging me for more info. Only one sliding window with no molding and no paint needed, and no molding on the walls. Just four walls floor to ceiling.

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one further question – what color are the walls right now?

If they are dark, then the painter will put a coat of primer on them, then have to wait for that to dry, and then put the final coat on.

If the walls are light, and all the painter is going to do is putt a single coat on, then it’s half the work.

Assuming a 15×15 room (225 total SF) one door, regular height walls, not painting the ceiling, for a regular painter, around $180–220 plus the cost of the paint. More if they have to do a second coat.

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@elbanditoroso, the walls are basic off-white, so probably single coat will work. The price you suggest sounds right to me. Thanks so much for the info.

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Despite the detail provided in @elbanditoroso‘s response, I disagree with his estimate as “too low” (probably, depending on where in the USA the job is to be done). The cost of the job is going to be related to the location of the job plus any special factors, if any, such as location relative to the contractor’s base. In addition, the painter will charge for “small tools and consumables” as well as materials, labor and profit.

In any case, estimators like this one are all over the internet if you simply look for them.

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@CWOTUS, I checked a few estimators before posting my question, and they were all over the park, so I thought I’d see if I could get some first-hand experience from jellies. One estimator close to where I live estimates about what @elbanditoroso does, and I like my communication with him.

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It might just be 4 walls, but the particular square footage of those walls will be a big factor.

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$0.60/sf maybe a little more since it is a small space.

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