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Does anyone have a favorite piece of silverware?

Asked by fullclip (70points) July 15th, 2008

I have a favorite spoon, and even though we have a different silverware set, I kept the spoon from the old set because I like it so much. My dad does that too. Anyone else have “special” silverware?

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The two little monogrammmed silver mugs that my kids got when babies, for their first drinks after they were weaned. And the matching spoons….

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I have silverware I won’t use. For example this weird steak fork. I really think it’s only used to slice meat but DH thinks he should also use it as a regular fork. I’ve sent him back into the kitchen to get me another fork more than once. Oh! Or his parents own some forks that only have three prongs instead of four…you guys think I’m nuts now right? Anyway, forks must have four prongs or I won’t eat off of it. Just one of those weird quirks I guess.

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I have this little rubber covered baby spoon with Snoopy and Woodstock on it that I have to use for eating yoghurt. I once lost it, and freaked out, but thankfully, I still have it. People like to tease me because of it, but I just can’t seem to enjoy yoghurt as much without it.

edit: Holy cow! Here it is! Ebay
Maybe I will be bidding on another one…

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@Les With the buy it now price & shipping, looks like you could have peace of mind in the form of Zippy the Back-up Spoon for less than ten bucks. That seems like a no brainer.

My “can’t do without it piece” is not silverware, but my favorite knife. I broke the tip off it so many years ago I cannot remember how it happened. My husband recently melted the handle some. Now the melted plastic has snapped and it slips around the rivet and hangs off the end of the knife like a tail, but it still cuts like a dream and is the one i am most comfortable using. I want it to last longer than I am cooking!

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I agree, Les get yourself a backup spoon or two!

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@marina and dragonfly: I think I will. I love how we are all supportive of each others idiosyncrasies here. Thanks guys!

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Hey, just so long as I’m not alone!

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My great aunt gave me a very unusual silver tea spoon and a sterling silver sugar cube holder. She didn’t have a lot of money, but was from one of the wealthiest families in Los Angeles when she was a child. After her father died very young, someone came into the family and embezzled nearly everything. She sewed a few pieces in the hemline of her dresses to hide them there. She never married, so she passed those pieces to her three nieces before she died.

My son was born on her birthday, so they will be passed down to him.

I use them when special friends come by to honor her, and them.

I have other silver, but nothing means as much as those two pieces.

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It’s not silverware, but a spoon for cooking—and my husband decimated it in the blender!
It was this great, thin bamboo spoon that was perfect shape for stirring when cooking. I loved that spoon. One day my husband needed to get some stuff out of the bottom of the blender and he stuck my favorite spoon in then gave it a whirl! ARGH! My spoon.
I’ve looked for another similar one, but none are as thin or the right size. I’m on a never ending quest for the “right” bamboo or wooden spoon now.

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@dorkgirl Oh no! That stinks! I had a favorite spatula that I learned to cook with as a teenager. Someone decided to hide it in the oven because we had guests coming over. It was forgotten and the next time someone preheated the oven it melted.

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@Dg and dff I am still searching for a replacement for my favorite plastic fork. It was really a spork. I have never found one like it. My husband melted that one too, but fatally.

Oh, and did I mention the time he knocked a can of diet coke into the keyboard of my laptop frying the motherboard?

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@Marina my husband set our brand new laptop on the arm of the couch (OPEN) and knocked it off when he stood up. It landed screen first on the end table and shattered the screen. At the time I was on bedrest with a leg injury and the laptop was my only entertainment, I was so mad!

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A titanium spork (OK its not silver but it was expensive).

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I am partial to my shrimp forks. So handy for everything from shrimp to lobster to crab to snails and especially for seafood stews and the like.

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@Sueane Tremendous Can I come for dinner?

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SPORK!!!!! I also have a favorite pair of chop sticks i always use when eating chinese food. They have hello kitty on them ^_^

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I still have my little mickey mouse fork I used when I was little.

@├╝ber: I have hello kitty chopsticks too! I’ve had them since I was little. :)

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I bought mine in china town about a year ago. The lady gave me a strange look when i was purchasing them, wonder why lol. I also have my little fork and spoon from when i was a kid, and yea you guess it, they’re batman.

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I have an absynthe spoon thats really cool. I rather use it than look at it though.

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gooch@What’s an absinthe spoon?

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@gailcalled its a slotted spoon that you put a sugar cube on, and then pour the absinthe over the sugar into the cup.

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I have some weird silver, but if I ran across any of those spoons, I would have guessed they were for some kind of cult or secret society.

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that’s correct ├╝berbatman

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@Uber; they are really lovely.

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