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Who's in front: you or your computer?

Asked by colog (73points) July 15th, 2008

Do you say “sitting in front of the keyboard” or “sitting behind the keyboard”? Also, are you “in front of the screen” or “behind the screen” of your computer?

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I say that I am sitting in front of the computer, though I do admit that observing the computer as in front of me is probably more correct.

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Simplify and say “I’m at the computer.”

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I normally say “I’m on the computer” which is funny because really the computer is on me (laptop).

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I think I let the layout of the room decide; if the computer is on a desk, against the wall, then I’m in front. If I’m on the sofa with the computer in my lap, then it’s in front.

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I don’t see this as an “either/or” situation. I’m in front of it and it’s in front of me. And we’re both OK with that.

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i am one with my computer

nah, usually i say im on the computer but it would have to be a strong ass computer for that to happen

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Who is actually on first.

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gailcalled: Who is.

I’m usually in front of the computer. Or like gail said above.. at the computer.

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There’s no favoritism with me and my computer.. we’re both in front and behind of each other.

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What is on the computer (or on second).

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In front of

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At one with.

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I am on the comptuer as well.

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I’m just holding my iPhone

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Okay to answer the question correctly I guess I’m in front of the PC as I do spend some time around the back of my PC rewiring, fixing etc. so I guess it’s only logical to sit in front of it :)

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Hahah I am sitting “before” my Computer, I have a beamer and a wireless keyboard

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