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Ladies: How often do you get your fingernails and toenails professionally done (mani/pedi)? Never, rarely or how often?

Asked by jca (36043points) March 22nd, 2015

Ladies: How often do you get a professionally done manicure and how often do you get a professionally done pedicure? Or have you never had it done? Or has it been so infrequent that you can’t remember the last time?

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I get my toenails done about every 2 months. My feet are my best feature so I like to keep them nice. I have never had a manicure. I cut my fingernails very short because I don’t like long nails on me.

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Never have, never will.

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Not any more. The last time was a pedicure about six years ago before heading out on vacation.

The reasons? As long as I can maintain my own nails, I won’t pay someone else to do it. Awhile back, I read a book on going Green. One of the top recommendations was to stop using make-up and specifically nail polish.

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Four answers are the same but one wins the prize for the best. <scratches head>

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Manipedi is having your fingernails and toenails done?? And I thought that was some form of new-fangled macaroni!

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Every two weeks.

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I’ve had professional manicures. I really like French manicures but I haven’t had one for a while. I’m trying to learn to play guitar and beautiful nails and guitar playing don’t go together.

I’ve never had a pedicure. I’ve always been worried about nail infections. I can insist they use steralised equipment when doing my fingers nails, but I can’t be sure one of those foot baths is perfectly clean.

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Only once. A bunch of friends thought it would be fun to do.
You could tell I had never been because I was the only one laughing uncontrollably each time they touched my feet.

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@fluthermuther, I go every 2 weeks to a month and I still get ticklish when they scrub my arch.

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I sometimes don’t get it done professionally for years, and then I might go through a spurt of having it done 2–3 times in a year. If I want a French manicure I have that done professionally. Sometimes when I am going to travel I get it done professionally, because the gel manicure lasts so long; although, I have been known to travel with nail polish. The first time I had a gel manicure was 2 years ago, I don’t know when they invented that?

The biggest obstacle for me is being nervous about infection. The second biggest is the money. I can afford it now, but it’s just so much cheaper to do it myself. When I think about the expense of doing it regularly it is hard for me to wrap my head around, especially for very young people.

I think I was in my late 20’s the first time I had a mani-pedi, maybe early 30’s. I didn’t even get a professional manicure for my wedding. I kind of wish I had for my wedding, but I simply had never had one before. I was one of those girls who almost always had my nails painted since my late teens, so it wasn’t that I wasn’t into my nails. When I was 16 my boyfriend’s brother’s wife made an impression when at one point she mentioned that keeping her nails painted looked good and didn’t take much effort. I did get compliments on my nails a lot, which reinforced the effort.

In the last 5 years I am more likely than ever before to have naked fingernails, or just a coat or two of clear. Not for months at a time, but easily could last a week or two.

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Never. I have a terrible habit of peeling off fingernail polish once it is dry. Why spend the money on something I am going to destroy in a day or two.

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@Judi Haha…your response makes me want to tickle your feet. :P

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I never have, it doesn’t appeal to me. I pick at my fingernails and the surrounding skin way too much anyway; it would never last.

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Finger nails – often (fortnightly)
Toe nails – never

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I’ve never gotten any sort of spa service, other than a couple of massages, both of which were gifts.

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