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What is your reaction to being around people who are falling in love?

Asked by sferik (6099points) July 15th, 2008

Are you happy for them or do you find them annoying?

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I think it’s really cute and I’m delighted for them as long as they don’t flaunt it excessively and become annoyingly one-sided.

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I am happy for them untill they start to act all lovey-dovey. It’s fine if they hold each other’s hands, kiss one another, etc., but when they start calling each other by strange names and start cuddling everywhere, it gets on my nerves.

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I find it endearing, but if they are too mushy it bothers me. Eambos took the words right out of my mouth.

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Get a room you two…my default response.

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PDA bothers me. Yuck.

If they have a good control on it, ok. Good for them. I just don’t want to see it fully displayed.

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PDA is cute at the beginning, but after a few weeks, not :S

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Luckily for all of us disgruntled outsiders, the lovebirds are usually so wrapped up in one another they don’t notice our eye rolling and sarcastic comments. And, as those have been there know, even in a real love match, the initial chemical haze wears off eventually.

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I hate seeing people like making out in public or like sticking each others hands in the back pockets of the other person’s jeans while they walk

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Hmmm..this thread then begs the question: If public displays of genuine “love” between 2 people make you uncomfortable, why then does it become acceptable and less annoying to watch porn (when said lovers are now past the clothed PDA stage)? I understand that not everyone watches porn (yeah, right), so let’s skip over those responses. (And yes, I know that the people are not in the room with you.)

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@brownlemur I think you answered your own questions there!

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@brownlemur Great point! I have a feeling this thread will become very interesting from here.

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People falling in love = great.
People feeling the need to stick their tongues down each others throat right in front of me = Not great.
My friend’s boyfriend feels the need to be all over her right when she’s talking to someone face to face. Which makes me feel the need to punch him. Self control people. now i just take great lengths to avoid them when he’s visiting

as for brownlemur – not everyone watches porn. hate to disappoint, but it’s true. and the people not being in the same room as you makes a big difference.

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The difference is we don’t generally know the people in the movie. We don’t converse with them. We don’t hang out with them.

Thinking about most of my friends like that weirds me out. It’s kind of like thinking about your parents. You just don’t want to. When it’s random strangers…somehow it’s different.

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as long as they’re not being yucky about it, its charming

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@brownlemur-porn is intended to stimulate sexual desire, which most consider a private affair, and in context of public dining (in a recent experience I witnessed, for example), is not the least bit appetizing or appropriate, especially when having dinner with my wife and kids.

There’s a time and place for everything, and especially young couples who aren’t concerned with what minors are exposed to, it’s just plain inconsiderate.

But I too was young once…so I understand why it happens…which brings me back to my previous post above ^^

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I thought that porn was intended to bring on fits of hysterical laughter.

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It’s personal and wonderful. If it bugs you, back off of the folks for awhile. Aren’t they entitled to this time in their lives regardless of what we think of it?

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I agree with all the responses above, but sometimes it all can depend on my mood with my boyfriend. If we are fighting (rare, but happens) then I am bitter by all that mushy PDA and vice versa..

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Whenever my friends do it, I am happy for them, but occasionally it gets to me, especially when I’m not in the best of moods. I wonder how my opinion would change once I begin a relationship?

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@chromaBYTE If you start to fall in love, you will not notice any of the people around you.

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@Marina I was in love once, but didn’t say anything to that person for a while. During that time any displays of affection in front of me just got me frustrated…

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@ Chroma i was going to say the same thing. If I’m in love I don’t care, but when I’m not it can be really annoying!

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Thank god it still exist

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PDA around me makes me draw a little closer to my S.O. and stirs up passions that may have become dormant in this busy life.

It is kind of like going to a wedding. I look into my S.O.‘s eyes and she looks in mine and it might as well be our wedding, and later it might as well be our honeymoon. I remember how vibrant, beautiful and young she was and is. She remembers how handsome I looked in my dress blues. <good shiver>

I think hanging out with young couples who are appropriately affectionate is good. Of course as some has answered, if they are all over each other and there is panting and groping, then I would laughingly tell them to go get a room.

I also recognize that if a couple are falling in love and appropriately affectionate and I am fighting with my S.O. then it makes me think of what actions I should do to restore our relationship so that it can be fresh like them again.

Perhaps if one is lonely or going through a tough time in a relationship see a young couple falling in love would prompt jealousy at some level.

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Happy for them

PDA:Too the point of needing a room, Yuck!

RDA:(room display of affection) I’m all for it.

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Update: I just had to spend the night with 6 of my friends, who are all going out with each other. I was the only single one there for the entire night.
I’ve decided it significantly gets on my nerves when I’m trying to sleep and I hear my best friend and his girlfriend audibly smooching quite loudly on the couch next to me.

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I think you’re entirely entitled to be a bit dismayed! I would be too in that situation!

Time to call up some of your single friends and/or those in long term relationships, who are only too happy to hang out without their SO’s :)

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