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Best place to grow $3000 over 6 months?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (687points) March 23rd, 2015

I am a student currently on internship and am I getting a tax refund of about $3000. What is the best option to grow that sum over the course of 6 months? I ask because I will have school expenses in 6 months.

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What state do you live in?

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Suggest you check out the Vanguard Mass. long term federal and state tax free fund VMATX:

You need $3000 for a minimum investment. For six months however, don’t expect much.

2% yield x $3000 = $60 per annum and $30 for six months.

Fidelity MA. similar bond fund has a slightly higher yield. FDMMX

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If it were me I would tuck it away in the highest interest savings or money market I could find, which won’t be much, I just opened an account at PNC for 1.5%) and make my few dollars and not risk losing any money.

I am risk aversive though, especially for short term, so if you are willing to take on more risk go for it. Look up a few funds that are trending well. You can go on or and get some info. If you have a stock app on your phone you can easily get info there.

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I’m with JLeslie here.

Since you need the money for school and I assume can assume no risk I would stick it in a savings account. All the time you spend dealing with this crap would be better spent doing odd jobs for friends and family. You will make more.

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If you have to ask, go with a savings account. It pays out next-to-nothing, but at least it won’t leave a lump under your mattress, like a wad of cash would. If you want to make big returns with it, you’re going to have to be willing to risk big losses.

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You cannot plan to grow $3000 risk-free in any appreciable way in such a short term, especially when the money is “necessary” to your plans at the end of that period and the avoidance of risk is paramount. If you had an unexpected $3000 windfall and you wanted to take a flier – which would include some risk of losing money, too! – then there are speculative investments that might give a moderate return – if you could even get into them with so little capital. But there are no sure things; even the safe-as-houses banking advised above has some risk. (Remember how safe houses were a few years ago? Yeah, we need a new metaphor.)

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There’s no way to really make significant money these days in that short a time. You could go to the track but you would probably lose it. You might look for a bank that is giving a bonus for opening an account. I’ve been offered $450. by Chase to open a checking account but you’d have to read the terms.

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