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What things should I keep away from my laptop?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12547points) July 15th, 2008

I’ve heard that computers have magnetic fields inside them, and that if you put magnets or other objects on or near your laptop, it will screw them up. What are these other objects? For example, can I put my ipod on top of my laptop? What about my digital camera?

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Sulfuric acid
BBQ sauce
Windows Vista

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iPod’s okay, camera’s okay. Really, only big magnetic threats like speakers are a real problem. A greater concern is that most laptops can’t take heat, so don’t prop it on a pillow or anything soft while you’re using it, and don’t let the cat lay on it. Also, computers and fluids really don’t get along. Drink from bottles with lids while you’re surfing. Power spikes are a problem for any electronics, so plug your charger into a surge protected outlet or strip.

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Tiger urine
Coca cola

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•Serial Killers•
•Nuclear Weaponry•
•People named steve•

Seriously im not sure how much magnets really affect computers anyway.Considering the Macbook Pro has a magnet inside that holds the power cord on.

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Your computer doesn’t really have the power to damage anything else (the magnetic fields are very self-contained in things like the hard-drive), and unless you are sticking the most powerful speaker magnets directly on top (the type that can break your fingers if you put them between it and a metal surface), you’re not going to do it any damage either. Things to avoid are indeed:

* Liquids
* Smothering it in a blanket (it might well switch off if it gets too hot, but you’d always get the prior warning of the fans spinning faster than you thought was possible)
* Fluther (you’ll end up using your computer too much)

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i doubt that magnets do much to compters. the macbook and MBP have magnets to hold the power cord, and the screen is held in place by magnets on the MB. check this out. if you have a MB with a remote, try placing the remote near the edge of the screen on the plastic border, you will find that it will attract and be held up in some areas.

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6 year old boys. Especially those with bats or tackle boxes and bait and Popsicles.

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My husband. He is death to technology.

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coffee (especially with sugar in it)

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speakers will not hurt laptops unless they are the most uber speakers in the world, like richardhenry said.
Keep it away from magnets in general just to be safe.

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Children and Cats. Cats love to use laptops for warmth. If possible, Windows Vista is a good thing to avoid too.

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On a side note, I realize a lot of people have had problems with vista, but i haven’t had any. Once I turned off that stupid security feature, everythings been fine, and I have a fairly intense rig. I don’t know what problems people are encountering but I’ve been fine… maybe I’m lucky. just my 2 cents on the subject since it was brought up twice.

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