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What do you do to unwind at the end of the day?

Asked by AstroChuck (37461points) July 15th, 2008 from iPhone

Coffee, Tea, Adult Beverage, Bath, Chocolate, Massage, Tobacco, Pot, Television, Newspaper, Radio?
Something else?
I like to sit outside on my patio and read, sometimes with a drink.

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Does Fluthering count?

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Cuddle up with my husband on the couch with a warm cup of tea. Or a nice hot shower together.

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Of course fluthering counts. I do that always.

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i swim in the lake, fluther, read, play rock band, or have a nice snack

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Fluthering counts even more if:
1) AstroChuck has posted a pondering
2) Gail has answered one with wit
3) Pup comes up with a short list, like he just did for the “get near my computer question”.

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Two Things: Marga Rita.

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I fluther, read a bit, and get entertained by the conversations that take place in the fluther chat

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Play my guitar, listen to music, pray, read, chill with friends

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I leave the office, hit the coffee shop, order the classic light latte macchiato, get a book and start reading (I don’t like to drive in the rush hour) if it’s sunnny, hit the lounge, ask for a campari, or a cinzano, talk a lil’ bit with either the chef of the bar man. I used to smoke but not anymore… Hit the bookstore :) hit the music store, walk the mall… Think about my day, I love to “unload” before I go home

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Tea all the way. I prefer it hot, but in summer in Florida I have it iced, which is also delicious.

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@Marina, for a special treat when I was growing up my mother would use half regular tea bags and half mint tea bags during the summer. It was just minty enough, I loved it.

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Sueaane, I’m a very good friend of Ms. Rita too.

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My day ends at 12 midnight. My spouse is asleep when I get home, so I get the house to myself (well, me and the kitties). My routine is this: I turn on the computer, I fix myself a bowl of cereal, and fluther. At 1am, I watch Jon Stewart. Then I grab the closest kitty and head to bed. Routines help you sleep! :)

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@chuckie: i knew I lurved you.

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Occasionally, I will stab things with my foil. That always makes me feel better. (I fence)

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Depends on which night of the week it is, and the time of year. If it’s a gorgeous night and my wife isn’t working we love to sit out on the pergola after we get our children in bed and have a fee glasses of wind and just catch up with each other. If it were Winter we’d most likely watch a movie or whatever HBO or Showtime program we’re updating ourselves on DVD. A night my wife works the boys and I will play a game and do some reading together, then after lights out I’ll have a few beers and play WoW.

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As soon as I get home and into the bedroom I relieve my cloths of there obligations and love on my pup, then cook some food.

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I like to lay down on the floor and let my dogs jump all over me and lick my face

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I take a trip to Hawaii and relax on the beach with my girlfriend. I enjoy the wanning sun and the calming waves. It’s a cozy 78 degrees and I have an ice cold glass of water right next to me. Now this is relaxing.

And I do this from the comfort of my imagination. Meditating = soothing

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A casual stroll through the trees, with the wife and a libation.

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I’m finding reading this thread relaxing.

@birdlegleft based on this “have a fee glasses of wind” may we assume you had already done the program tonight?

@Les Until I got to the end of the sentence and the parenthetical info, you would not believe the mental image I had to you in the kitchen wielding your Reynolds Wrap.

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jcs007— In another month I’ll be living out your relaxing fantasy drinking Tropical Itches and Mai Tais in the plumeria scented breeze while sunning on the beach.

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@Chuckie @ jcs: I was forced to spend my college vacations there, as my dad was transferred just as I finished HS. It was tough, because I only had 3 months off in the summer, 6 weeks at Christmas and a mere 10 days in the Spring. It was rough, believe me. My siblings had already left the nest, so you can imagine how sorry they felt for me.

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In that order.

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AstroChuck: lemme add to my relaxing vision: I just finished eating 2 coconuts, drinking 5 cups of stuff from a Tiki cup, and am now watching my girlfriend and a bunch of other coconut-clad girls perform a calm luau for me.

I started getting stressed when you said that you would actually live out my relaxing vision since I know I won’t be actually experiencing it for awhile. So, I had to add to it to relax.

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@Marina, no. That answer was typed on the bus, where I apparently don’t type that well.

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Marina and Birdleg: I jus thought ‘twas sum kine o’ Scotish that I nay oonderstan’.

iPhone typing in a moving vehicle can do that to you.

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I stay focused and tell myself what I want in life. I play drums and think about the great times I had with Jessica. I work out

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@Seesul, nah. Nothing that good.

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I circle items i want in the catalogues that have
come in the mail, right before I throw them out.

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