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Who would like to join me in wishing "Mazel Tov" to our near college graduate?

Asked by janbb (63038points) March 25th, 2015

It’s Mariah and she just got to 20K! Always intelligent and honest and an all around lovely person. Please welcome her to the club!

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Congrats Mariah. You’re one heck of a fighter and you are sharp as a tack. And a great jelly. This Bud’s for you.

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Congrats on 20k. You’re definitely a kickass jelly, and I hope we’ll be enjoying your presence here for a long time to come. Cheers. :)

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Yay Mariah!

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Solve for x.

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x = y!ya ??? jk.

Thanks everybody! Thanks for hosting, Jan!

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Ah, @Mariah. A young person with your depth of character, smarts, and goodness gives hope for the future of the race! Congrats for reaching 20K. You are one of my favorite jellies!

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♫ How do you solve a problem like Mariah? ♫

Well, now we know

Congratulations, and don’t leave us even when you get famous.

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Congrats on the 20k! You make me smile every time.
And, Oy! You’re such a shmart cookie, too! It will be a lucky man who gets to call you his daughter-in-law.
Keep on cyphering.

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At last another party! Congrats to a lovely, brave and courageous young lady! Well done!

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Awesome possum!! Nice job with the lurve and best of luck finishing up school.

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Exponentially extended congratulations, Mariah! 20 thousand glasses of champagne are being poured as we type.

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@Mariah Congratulations! You have been the bravest, sweetest, most intelligent young lady that I have ever met. I’m so glad you came to Fluther and that I got a ringside seat to watch you grow and graduate from college.

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congrats! Don’t even think of leaving.

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Congratulations !

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Congratulations Mariah!!!! Ill get to the peak that you are on one day and we will have a drink together.

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Yay @Mariah !

You be a darlin’ , this Belgian White Ale is for you! Cheers!

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Congratulations, @Mariah! Are you really close? So close that this is a dreaded question? :)

@dxs x = a (yy!) ?

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Gimme an M! Gimme an A! Gimme a…eh I’m not typing all this out.

Congrats Mariah :)

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Congrats, Mariah!! You know you’re one of my all-time favorite jellies!

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Yay, congratulations! Your good news never fail to make me happy. How do you do that?

…and… if you are this way in real life, will you be my friend?

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@Mariah: Congrats and a double congrats for being close to graduation!

(“Maria,” -close) :)

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Too many kind words, thanks so much everybody. Let’s party!! :D

To those wondering, yes I graduate in just over a month! It’s still a bit unreal to me right now but I’m actually happy about it. I’ve loved college for a long time but I’m ready for change.

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Wow—nice goin’ on all counts, @Mariah. Yes indeed… MAZEL TOV to to ya.

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Well Done!!!!!!

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kudos to a class act!

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Congo Rats @Mariah! I hope to see many more of your responses here!

(Wow! Long time no party!)

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Pancakes and burritoes! Congrats, @Mariah!

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Nobody’s ever had to carry @Mariah!
Bad pun
Walk to the window on your 20,000 suite. Look down. See that tiny little moth flapping it’s wings? That’s me giving you a round of applause out my lowly 13,000 window.

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I’m late but congratulations anyway. Surely this is the icing on the cake of a good year??

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