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How much are you bombarded with words?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) March 25th, 2015

Words are everywhere. Where can you go where you can avoid printed words in one day? One week?

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Really rough it up like a fuckin cannibal man, go out into the woods with nothing, and live like a savage off of roots, moss… and animals you strangle with your bare hands.

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I play Words With Friends, work crosswords, and do freelance writing. I love being bombarded with words.

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Go camping. Beforehand, repackage all the food and toiletries into other containers. That’s probably the best way you can do it. Personally, even when I’m off to the backcountry, I bring things to read, because I don’t want to escape words. But if I really wanted to, I could.

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If you stay in your home and don’t have any technology on, you will certainly lessen it a great deal.

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Live in the wilderness.

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You’d have to go camping. Remember to pack only food without labels and clothes without logos.

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I’m one of those people that enjoy reading cereal boxes when I’m eating breakfast by myself. I love words and would feel very uncomfortable without them around. I don’t feel bombarded with words, I feel like they are a security and comfort zone.

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Get off your computer .
Go to a quiet place, listen to instrumental music words to chill out.
Go for a walk and ignore commercial signs.
Ask yourself as to “why’ words bother you?
Specific words or the idea that one has to read them in the first place.
Choose not too then.

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