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If I ought to develop a simple rss reader iPhone app for a forum I'm apart of, can I and in that case how can I upload it to the Apple AppStore?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) July 15th, 2008

Yes I have registered as a developer @ Apple, now where can I upload and distribute? It will be a free app, or not if simply done. LOL.

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I’m assuming you can, there are RSS readers in the store, there shouldn’t be anything different for a forum. Give it a try, submit a simple one and if it’s accepted, work on it more.

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Submit where?

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to submit to the app store you need to be a registered developer. it cost 99$ to do that.

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I actually registered to be a developer for the latest iPhone updates :p. Don’t use it much though. Can’t code for crap.

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@crunchaweezy then why did you register? also check out Forums

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I registered so I could get the iPhone betas :)

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