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Would you donate your organs ?

Asked by Safie (1223points) March 30th, 2015

Many people find this a tricky subject but would you agree to donate a part of you to help someone else after you are gone?

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I am an organ donor on my driver’s license. Take what you need when I can’t use it any more!

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Yes. I have so stipulated on all appropriate documents. I just hope there’s something worth using when I’m done.

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A resounding YES.

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I’ve had an organ donor card since I was 18. Take anything still useable.

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I signed up when I got my motorcycle at age 22. I have the small orange sticker on my helmet.

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I’ve just got the card in the wallet. Is there any place else to make my wishes known? I’d hate to waste the organs because someone didn’t take the license out of my wallet and missed the back of the license or the card.

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@Adirondackwannabe I imagine if you have an Advanced Care Directive on file at your doctor’s office, it could be part of that although I don’t remember seeing it particularly.

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Good idea. Maybe on a medical proxy too?

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@Adirondackwannabe Yes, they’re usually part of the same forms.

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Of course.

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Yes, absolutely. I am an organ donor.

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After I’m done using them, anyone can have anything they think they can use. Consider it my last contribution, a final attempt to leave this place a better one for those who follow.

@Adirondackwannabe The next time you are in the hospital or at the doctor’s, ask for the forms. In some states, they ask you when you renew your driver’s license and it’s printed on them so the EMTs and ER will know in the case you expire while in their hands. Things must move fast, so it is important that first responders know if they can harvest. Ifyo9ur state doesn’t stamp your primary, plasticized ID with “Organ Donor,” then I would wear a medallion where they will see it, otherwise they may lose their chances no matter your intentions. They may not see the card, or the card could become damaged, contaminated, or otherwise unreadable.

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You betcha.

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Heck yes. Whatever they don’t find useful, they’re just going to cremate anyway. So have at it.

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Yes. There’ll be no use to me when I’m in the elephant graveyard.

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Everything but my eyes and my genitals. It’s very unlikely, but I may need them in the afterlife, and those I would miss dearly.

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@gorillapaws You need to see it to find it?

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Yes. I am an organ donor. Says so on my driver’s license.

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Yes. They won’t be much use to me where I’m going.

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Of course.

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@janbb No, but it would be nice to see what I was using it on. Plus I wouldn’t want to pee on the seat in heaven. I heard that’s grounds for expulsion.

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Well they did the first penile transplant last week. So you’d better put that exception on your card.

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Yeah. I’m an organ donor on my uninsured driver’s license.

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Yuck—bad grammatical error. The correct word is “They’ll”, not “There’ll”. That’s what I get for commenting on my iPhone.

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Absolutely. I won’t be using any of my body parts after I’m dead, so I’d rather that anything that is usable be taken to help somebody else. I have organ donor listed on my license too.

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I already donated a kidney. Anybody is welcome to anything else after I’m gone.

A few days after my dad died, we received a note saying his donated corneas had been put to use. It was a bright moment at a sad time – “Good job, Dad!”

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I’m a designated organ donor on my driver’s license.

However, I have yet to actually donate an organ, unlike some of those who have posted that they already are organ donors. ;-)

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When I die I would like to give my body for anyone who needs. It saves people and cemetery’s space too.

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Of course. The crematorium charges by the pound so I might as well off-load some weight to save my family some $$.

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Guys! If you donate, you might have a chance of helping some other poor guy down road.

See: Stellenbosch University doctors perform first successful penile transplant in the world .

One sentence really got my attention:
“For a young man of 18 or 19 years the loss of his penis can be deeply traumatic,” says Van der Merwe.

Really, Mr Obvious?!?!

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Yes, please take whatever is able to be used. If there isn’t anything, donate my cadaver to a medical school. When they are done, use the skeleton in a classroom that needs it. What bits are left can be cremated and sprinkled in a field for fertilizer.

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Yes. I have an organ doner card and I am happy for any part of me to be used to help others when I am no longer her.

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I am an organ and tissue donor. It has been on my license for at least 20 years. As John Prine says: Please don’t bury me down in the cold cold ground. I’d rather have ‘em cut me up and pass me all around.

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