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My friend is learning Hebrew and the sources that he uses are all conflicting?

Asked by Eragon4535 (192points) March 30th, 2015

My friend is teaching himself Hebrew and the sites he uses are all conflicting on how to spell or pronounce words. If you have any advice on sites to use, other resources or experiences that could help him please share them.

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Is he reading the words in the Hebrew alphabet or transliterations? If they are transliterated into English, the spellings would be different although the pronunciations should be consistent. However, there are differences in pronunciation between Ashkenazi or European Hebrew and Sephardic which is Spanish and Middle Eastern Hebrew. That might be some of the confusion. Modern Hebrew generally uses the Sephardic pronunciation.

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Tell him to use resources that use the Sephardic pronunciation. That’s the more modern one used in Israel now, and is generally used by younger folk.

The older (European, Ashkenazic) pronunciation is used by my parents and grandparents. That’s not the current way of speaking.

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One tip: go for “t“s and not “s“s. For example, it’s “Yit gadal v’yit gadash sh’mey rabah,” and not “Yis gadal v’yis gadash sh’mey rabah.”

I’m sure there’s more to it, though – perhaps our Israeli jelly will chime in.

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which sources?

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