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What do you think of the whole Hilary Clinton e-mail scandal?

Asked by jca (36043points) March 31st, 2015

I admit to not following it very closely but I do see that those against her are saying she wanted to hide things and that’s why she used her own email, blah blah blah.

What do you think? Are they trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill? Is it just a bunch of fluff or will it really hurt her chances of winning a higher office?

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Invented drama by the republicans to smear her before she runs for president.

Call it the next installment of their Swift-Boat strategy.

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She been posting pics of Barbara’s bush again?

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Someone explain to me how that enables her to keep all communications under her personalo control.
Unless I have a fork in my brain, should not copies of any mail she sent exist with the receiver of that mail? And should not any mail she receives have a copy at the sender?
The only thing this does, is that it makes it a bit more difficult and tedious to assemble and collect all the mails she sent and received, not impossible.
Furthermore, I would be more interested if the contents of those mails have anything “scandal worthy”, not the fact that she uses a personal mail server.

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This is one of the many things within the world of politics that makes it really difficult for me to get interested in. On one hand, I’m all for complete transparency in government. On the other hand, I get queasy when witnessing false outrage about a lack of transparency by people who have no interest in transparency. I’m also under no illusion about the true level of transparency in government and how things really work.

Therefore, I can’t get worked up about this in any way. She’s got my vote if she’s the Democratic candidate. I can’t think of really anything that would change that. I already said that the Democrats could run a toaster oven on the ticket. Shit, they could run a convicted murderer on the ticket and s/he would get my vote. This is how the lesser of two evils works.

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She still gets my vote.

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I feel increasingly that there is a lot of sleaze and self-servingness about both Clintons but I’m with @hominid, she’ll have my vote if she is the candidate. I was somewhat galled to read that the e-mails cannot be found any more. I would prefer Warren but I have the feeling that 2020 might be her turn.

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Swift Boat v 2.0.

(Edit: Someone beat me too it.)

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It’s a non-scandal, just like Benghazi. Why isn’t there a similar outcry about Jeb Bush, who has done exactly the same thing?

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Yeah, we saw how much the American public really wants transparency with Edward Snowden.

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^^ v@rangingloli is right. Shit doesn’t ever entirely disappear on the net. If this was really important, the emails would be recovered. It’s bullshit. One of many artificial micro “scandals” that will be plaguing us through this next election cycle. This Tom Tomorrow cartoon says it perfectly.

The thing is this: Even the peasants have a learning curve (not recognized by those in power to their detriment) and this kind of bullshit is becoming increasingly ineffective.

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A bunch of trumped up hoopla over nothing of any real importance. In other words, Republican politics as usual.

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I’ll also add that the whole concept of scandals in politics is a distraction. Infidelities, tweeted photos of genitals, email servers, etc. seem to be that superficial protective layer that keeps many people disinterested in the actual content of legislation. We have this shit going on all the time, which directly affects reproductive freedom of half the population, yet many people seem to be only able to manufacture outrage about email servers and things they know nothing about.

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@hominid Exactly. Speaking of which, why isn’t it a scandal that Jeb Bush supports the new anti-gay law in Indiana? If we’re going to be shaming candidates, how about we start by shaming them on their hateful political stances?

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@hominid God, it just gets weirder and weirder back home. Abortion is still legal, right? Then why is there even grounds for an argument on whether a Federal program will pay for it? There is no issue here. It’s fucking legal!

“Countless more lives will be saved, and women spared a lifetime of regret.” But isn’t it nice when they let us know how much they really care?

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I’m a pachyderm, so you know which party I support (albeit not blindly). Nonetheless—and without going into my distaste for the state of politics or my ever-increasing concerns about the wisdom of nominating and electing Hillary—I think she made a very bad decision to keep her email on a personal server and then wipe it (shades of Nixon). She’s paying, and will continue to pay, a hefty political price, and the Republicans and media will continue to have a field day with it.

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@Pachy But no one else will. Curious, that.

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My comment was in response to the original “She’s paying, and will continue to pay, a hefty political price.”

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Thanks. I figured that out after a couple of readings. ;-)

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Pretty sure using your own personal server or wiping that server aren’t flagrantly illegal. So the comparison to Nixon is a bit thin.

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Let’s see, Hilary held on to all her emails for two years and then turned over some of them and deleted the rest. The server most likely has been wiped clean so there is no record of what was on it. To make it more difficult there is no one to do any investigation. The Justice dept. won’t look into it since this gives Obama a great lever to keep Hilary on his side. Same with the NSA which is the agency they would need to try and track the emails from the other end. The Press won’t pursue this very hard since Hilary is their candidate as well. Unless someone comes up with the ‘Blue Dress’ Hilary has effectively covered her tracks. Nixon was arrogant enough to believe he would never have to turn over the tapes. If he had burned them he too would have covered his tracks. He didn’t. Hilary isn’t making that mistake.

I expect the Democrats will continue to support Hilary regardless of her transgressions. They simply have no one else to vote for. She may lose some moderates but it will be difficult to know how many. She may come out clean but I doubt she’ll win. The missteps will continue to mount and she’s simply not as likeable as Bill, so the collect power of her mistakes will bring her down at the voting booths. I think.

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@Jaxk I can’t say I disagree with you for once.

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As has been pointed out – nothing on the internet is deleted. There is record of those e-mails regardless of what Clinton may have done on her end. If there is something incriminating someone will dig it up. Until then this is about as non-scandal as it gets.

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Apparently, she is going to be interviewed in private by the House panel that is investigating this.

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The trouble with constantly crying “WOLF” is that eventually even those with the dullest minds must lose interest. The 30 year non stop trumped up demonization of Hillary Clinton has exceeded mere politics. The unnerving prospect of a woman who CAN chew gum and walk simultaneously is so upsetting to the dullards inhabiting the “Land of Fox, that rational excuses for shunning the woman are inadequate. And of course as Fox and @Jaxk declare with each vacuous charge, the fact that no reputable (or rational) entity will indict the woman based on such silliness, is proof that anyone with an IQ above 60 is in on the conspiracy. My flat screen sizzles when I tune into Fox as panic and hysteria erupt in the blonde barn at the mere mention of Hillary.. Hours are devoted to speculation on her satanic unAmericanisms (apparently visible only to the “faithful”). It’s embarrassing. But of course, stupidity in defense of liberty is no vice.

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Just for the record, I’m an elephant in avatar only—been a Democrat all my life. Got my animals mixed up. DUH! Thanks for catching that, @janbb.

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And here I thought an elephant never forgets!

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Not THIS elephant !!! :(

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What raging loli said. Her personal emails can easily be accessed by the NSA or something, if they really were worried about a danger to national security.

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What people aren’t talking about is that she handed over all the work and State Department emails already. but it was a mistake on her part not to keep it separate, or at least give the illusion of doing so. I’ve worked for public entities and the rules were very clear. Your official correspondence isn’t yours and things must be conducted so that if something happens to you, access to those files must be available so that someone can take over your position and be up to speed quickly on what has been going on.

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I’m sure NSA has a backup of all of her emails. I’m mean, why wouldn’t they? That’s essentially their job.

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Ok, to date:

Hillary or Cruz? No brainer, Hillary. (although, I will probably go with Johnson)

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