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Do people still drive Cadillacs?

Asked by LostInParadise (25105points) March 31st, 2015

Someone casually mentioned Cadillac in a conversation and I realized that I had not thought about the car in ages. When I was young they were fairly common, but I can’t recall seeing one for quite some time. Most people who buy luxury cars seem to go for BMW or Lexus.

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You betcha! People drive them around here all the time, some older than others, mostly the SUV models. I saw a guy driving a 1978 two weeks ago. It needed rear shocks, but he was driving it!

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Cadillac? You mean rebadged Daewoos? Or were Daewoos rebadged to some other low tier american brand? It is all fuzzy

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Yup, like a recliner going down the interstate at 80mph. Still good vehicles.

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I’ve seen plenty of them around. Their signs look like the Maryland sign. The most popular ones I’ve seen are the Escalades.

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Old people drive Cadillac sedans.

Younger people might drive an Escalade if they’re wealthy.

Also, car models are variable by region. When I lived in Los Angeles, BMWs were ubiquitous. I had a Subaru and had to drive 60 miles to find a dealer.

Around the Chicago North Shore suburbs, Subarus carpet the road, BMWs are not so common.

I might see one Lincoln a month in my neighborhood, but I bet they’re popular in Florida.

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Still. The Lincoln MRX is popular here.

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I have seen more coupe devilles and sedan devilles here than I ever did there. Left hand drive how confusing lol.

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Yes, and they have changed considerably. I was shocked when my daughter mentioned that the Cadillac CTS would be her car of choice.

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I haven’t seen many Caddies in years. In fact, I think the only Caddie I’ve seen since I came to Seattle was a 1919 Cadillac Limo at the annual Greenwood car show; a bit ratty, but all original.

Those who want luxury cars around Seattle pretty much avoid American cars. I say “pretty much” because there are quite a few Tesla Model S (which many have compared to a BMW 7-series) on the road here, and Tesla is both headquartered and built in California.

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There are several modern Cadillacs in my area along with plenty of German sedans..i drive a fully loaded Lincoln MKZ AWD sedan and I love it.

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