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Since you upgraded to 2.0. So you find your iPhone less responsive?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) July 15th, 2008 from iPhone
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A little, yeah. I expect 2.0.1 to remedy things like sluggish typing and slow switching between apps.

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I thought it was just my imagination.
Good to know

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Without a doubt. I’m wondering if the 3G models have a faster processor. The new update must take more to run smoothly.

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I was reading somewhere in one of the iPhone 3G dissection articles that the processor was still the same, which is why it is a bit more sluggish handling the new software…

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ya mine is slower as well. I seem to find myself restarting a couple times a day to try and help it out. Dosent seem to work sometimes. Annoying.

Lets all just hope that 2.1 comes out soon. Come on Apple Snow Leopard for the iPhone!

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Yea defintely a little sluggish

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Would you say it would have affected your purchase decision had you known about it before you bought it? I’m considering getting one, and wondering wether it’s a big issue or not…

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@Yannick I think what is being asked is of people who already had an iphone, and them just upgraded their phone to 2.0.

And, yes, my old phone does seem sluggish.

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@wine3213: good point, I didn’t really think that through. Ah well… I’m assuming the 3G phones will be too because like I said before, the dissection showed they had the same processor in them…

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My camera is now really slow

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weird… Well 2.0 on iPhone 3G is definitely far from bug-free: SMS app goes really slow sometimes, contacts has some serious lag issues with scrolling, as well as various other random bugs and crashes. Most things should be addressed in the next update though, which will hopefully be released soon.

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I hope so because the shutter was never quick to begin with. If I had known the shutter was going to be affected this way I would have waited until after my vacation to update to 2.0 because I’ve a bunch of shots due to the lag time.

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