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Do you talk the way you type?

Asked by Safie (1223points) April 3rd, 2015

Sometimes we talk so much differently to the way we type, I just wanted to throw this question out do you or not? :)

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I mean, I don’t touch my lips & there’s no clicking sound, but yeah, pretty much.

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Not sure if I’m as elegant or succinct but the thoughts and language as similar.

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Yes. I talk as grammatically-incorrect and unclear as I type.

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If I typed here the way my accent speaks, using general local slang, nee bugger wad av the foggiest worra woz gannin on aboot…pet.

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@ucme you sound Scottish, or Scouse.

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He’s a Geordie.

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@janbb oh a geordie up North East side Tyneside, i have family up there.

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We’d have to use this translator to communicate with him.

I pretty much write the way I speak – not a hint of an accent. :-)

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Pretty much, only with more swearing, and actually I mostly speak French.

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The vocabulary is the same and the fucked up grammar at times—I interject clauses in all the wrong places (a product of an undisciplined, impatient mind and confusing contact with other grammars), but I hardly talk at all. I’m not big on light conversation, most people hardly ever talk about anything I find interesting and vice versa, I suppose. I can communicate very effectively without words with people I like and enjoy a quiet life sans chatter.

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@Safie I’m not a geordie, they all make that mistake, if i’ve told the fuckers twice :D
No, no, i’m from Durham, County Durham to be precise, so there noo, that’s yays arl telt.

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Not really. Speaking is improv. I have time to think about my thoughts first before I type, and I can correct any errors I see.

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@dxs you are absolutely right about time to go back to correct, i don’t type exactly the way i speak maybe little phrases here and there i don’t think anyone types exactly, we type the way we’d like to get the message across, i’d say but that’s about it, some have accents, you can’t really type that, and get that cross fully, so i agree with you we have the luxury to go back and correct ourselves.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Your answers are always articulate and great! that’s for sure.

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It can be quite different depending on who I’m speaking too. I often speak the local vernacular but I hardly ever attempt to write it.

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My vocabulary is the same, but I rarely make any spelling errors when I speak and I never mispronounce any of the words I write. ;-)

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@flutherother that’s a great point, and very true!

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I pretty much talk the same way I type, long winded and all, except I probably say “Oh my God!” and “duh!” a lot more when I’m talking.

@ucme I looooooove the way you talk. I’ve heard your voice. My mother and I are watching a wonderful British detective series set in the 1960’s called Detective George Gently. The young sidekick, Detective Sergeant John Backus, has the most delicious accent, but we found out that you can turn on the subtitles (even though it’s in English LOL) if you use the “hearing impairment” mode. We’ve been doing that and it makes all the difference. We recently learned the word bairn is used to mean baby, but until I saw it written out, I had no idea what they were saying. Is bairn a word that you use in your part of England? It’s supposed to be set somewhere in the north of England in a fictional small town.

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Yes. Sometimes. Under normal circumstances, I probably rabbit on more than I do when I write, but at other times, when I’m trying to get a message across clearly, I probably do speak as I write.

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No. You wouldn’t like to hear me speak. I’m a horrible speaker and take longer time to put words across than when I type. Sometimes I even mispronoun, making it hard to understand what I mean.

I’m not a native speaker anyway.

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@Kardamom Yeah, that audioboo thread revealed a lot :)
We say bairn all the time up here, not just in reference to babies, kids of all ages are lovingly known as bairns…“eeh, a love me bairns me like”

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I eventually became an English major in college, so my writing is usually a lot more formal than my speech. In middle and high school I cultivated a style of writing that allowed me to plagiarize from the encyclopedia with impunity. I understood and knew the information, it was just easier to use their words and make the tie-ins fit.

Interestingly, my thoughts match neither my writing nor my speech.

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No, I have more time to think about what I am going to say when I type and can rewrite it if it sounds odd. I pretty much just blurt out the first thing that comes into my head when speaking.

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Have to be careful doing that on here though. People will jump all over you for writing casually and not writing a proper sentence. For example, how long until someone points out my first sentence is not a full sentence? But it was written casually, the way I talk.

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@Dutchess_III Ha yeah, the curse of Fluther. That, and people bragging about how they love books and never watch TV. XD

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I’m pretty irreverent with a Bronx accent. I don’t think the Bronx accent comes across when I type, and I know the irreverence usually doesn’t, at least not here. Maybe when I text it might.

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@jca You irreverent? I always think you are so sweet to everyone. Perceptive and sly, maybe is a better way to describe you, hee hee.

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