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Help with duffel bag organization?

Asked by Bayjo98241 (310points) April 4th, 2015

I have a fairly good sized duffel bag and I have to enough clothes for the trip due to no washer/drier and I have to bring my own everything including snacks, toiletries, etc. How can I utilize my space so it isn’t overflowing?

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You tightly roll each piece of clothing up and lay them in with a spare pair of underwear and a T-shirt and your toiletry kit on top. Rolled properly, the clothes wrinkle only slightly and you can fit an amazing amount of changes in there. You can fit a shirt and a pair of pants on each layer. I stick a pair of socks in one pocket of the pants and a pair of undies in the other so they won’t get lost, but you can just lay them in with that day’s clothes like the spit and polish guys. Separate each layer with a T-shirt. Remember: toiletry kit on top.

Welcome aboard, kid. You’re in the Navy now.

This is how the Army does it, evidently

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Plastic bags – fairly thick ones

Underwear in bag 1, shirts in bag 2, socks in bag 3.

Extra bags for dirty clothes.

I have been traveling this way for years.

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Store stuff in the empty spaces. For instance, if you’re bringing shoes, you can store underwear, etc. in them. I find rolling shirts is most space efficient.

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How big is “big”? From top to bottom how many inches/feet do you have to work with?

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I’m not sure due to the fact I’m borrowing it but it’s probably about 48” I’ve seen it but other than that no other way to know.

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Seeing you have to pack everything out that you pack in, you may gain space as the snacks are going, but you also have to pack out all your dirty clothes, even those that get wet; You have to have a way to get to the clean stuff without to much hassle, but keeping the dirty or maybe sweaty stuff from effecting the clean stuff.

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Organization will be determined by the length and (importantly) the purpose of your trip. Duffel bag and the need to carry your own provender are hints that the excursion is not a week of sightseeing in NYC. The trip must determine WHAT goes in the bag, and packing advice is useless without more specifics.

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I’m going to the upper peninsula of Michigan for six days and five nights at the college, we are allowed to have a duffel and a backpack, my backpack has my necessities as far as snacks, water, and busy work things go, I just need to pack toiletries, a pillow, and clothing for all of these days.

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