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Are you friendly?

Asked by nutallergy (958points) April 6th, 2015

Would others call you friendly?

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I try to be.

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I’m not the friendly police, but that sounds good enough to me. :)

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I’m a prick, a dumbass.
A bastard and an asshole.
Antisocial, a smartass.
Yet somehow endearing.

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I suspect that other would say that I’m not very friendly even though I try to maintain a happy facade. In groups I tend to stay in the peripheral areas. I don’t mind shaking hands but I’m uncomfortable with hugging women. I just joined a Hawaiian outrigger canoe club where the women hug everyone. It’s part of the Hawaiian culture I guess. I just go along to get along.

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Yes. I’m a friendly person.

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No, I’m not very friendly.
Unless a “sarcastic bitch” is your favorite type of friend, then I’m friendly as fuck.

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I usually am, except I sometimes get lazy in responding to people who are friendly with me.

I’ve received some nice PM’s in the past, but I’ve only replied to about half of them. I guess the feeling that I’m probably never going to see any of the senders in person is what discourages me from being more responsive.

I had some decent friendships when I was working, but I neglected them.

I’m open to forming new friendships, but for the time being, I’m too preoccupied with financial and minor medical issues to pursue them.

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Hm, no. I don’t believe I am what people would call a friendly person.

Being friendly is not a simple thing to do, for me. When I’m stressed, angry, scared, exhausted, or unhappy, it’s a real task. I have a hard time being a compassionate listener. When people tell me about their dating lives or family issues, I’m that person who looks for a fix, instead of just comforting.

I’m good at being nice, though. I feel for almost everyone, all the time. I worry a lot, and if I hear about your dating life, I will worry about your happiness and probably think up some plan to make you feel better. You just won’t know it, because during our talk, I may have gotten grumpy at some point. Or maybe you just felt like I wasn’t really listening, which might even be true.

I wish I was better at being friendly.

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Yes, very friendly.

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Yes, I’m friendly and some say very approachable.

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At first, yes, this will continue until you show yourself as a cunt, then it stops & I become most unfriendly.

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I have my moments, but I’m certainly not rude or bitchy to people for no reason. I’m very friendly to people I don’t know unless they piss me off for some reason. Even then, I think I hide my disdain fairly well.

To people I’m close to, like my husband or family, I’m just myself – not particularly friendly, but I’m real. I tell it like it is, but I’m not confrontational, nosy, or pushy. I’m very easily annoyed, and unfortunately my husband is the one usually “punished” for that. I’m working on it.

With co-workers, I find it’s best to keep non-work conversations to a minimum. I’m a legal assistant and all the other assistants in our office are female – women and I just don’t mesh well long-term. I find that most women I know are bitches – selfish, grudge-holding, immature, back-stabbing, condescending bitches. And I don’t have time for that shit, so I now keep to myself at work. I speak to people in the polite “good morning, how are you?” kind of way, and I have to talk to my attorneys regularly, but other than that, those people are not my friends and I don’t act like they are.

Also, overly friendly people are annoying. It’s just so damn fake.

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Yes. I smile and greet people at work when I pass them, even if I don’t know them. In public places, like in a store, I greet them and thank them when they serve me. In a restaurant, same thing.

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No. Leave me alone.

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I would like to think that I am. That’s the impression that I have. However, friendliness might be one of those things that depends on the perception of others, since it primarily deals with social interaction.

I would also imagine that my perceived friendliness decreases as the number of people in a crowd increases. As an introvert, I know that I may have a tendency to come off as closed and decidedly unfriendly when feeling overwhelmed by a large pack.

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Not unfriendly but not likely to make the first move. I come across as standoffish because of it.

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Yes, very.

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Yes, unless I’m shopping or in line at the post office. Then I want my gun.

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Yep. I try to treat others with kindness and respect unless they give me cause to do otherwise. I’d like to think the world would be a better place if other people acted this way too.

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Yes, extremely friendly and outgoing. I often strike up conversations and joke with strangers.
It is rare that I do not have some sort of fun encounters when I am out and about doing shopping, errands, etc.
I like engaging people and I like to be engaged.

Half the time, even on random business calls I end up in a conversation about all kinds of stuff with perfect strangers. haha
A few years ago I threw a big party and ended up inviting a woman I met via a wrong number phone call. I’m a people person to the 10th power, but I also have a hermit side.

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I’m probably friendlier with strangers than I am at a party. I think I’m just better one-on-one than in a large group.

It also depends on what kind of mood you catch me in.

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I’m friendly as fuck.

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@livelaughlove21 Not always, I am very genuine, and very friendly, I have a great ability to put people at ease and am often told I have made someones day with my humor and cheery good nature. My daughters ex boyfriend sent me a Xmas card and gift this year telling me he wanted to send a gift and that “good natured people are hard to find.”
Naturally friendly types are not the same as contrived extroversion.

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I’m naturally inclined to like most people. By default, I like you, and it’s pretty hard to actually make me dislike you (I can’t think of anyone on Fluther that I don’t like, for instance). So there’s this great foundation for friendliness: I like you, I’m interested in what you have to say and your outlook on life and I genuinely want you to be happy and at ease.

But where I fail at the whole friendliness thing is in the follow-through, the social dance that ought to flow from all of those good intentions. So chances are you’ll never suspect I like you. Why would you? I’m lousy at showing it.

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I get approached by strangers quite often but I am polite and helpful rather than friendly. Perhaps strangers consider me friendly, I am not sure.

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Though I prefer to be on my own, not the type to socialize, I am extremely friendly. It is genuine and heartfelt friendliness. Easily approachable and polite. If I get treated rudely I become indifferent.

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These are all great answers. Thanks.

I think I’m a combination of @ucme- “At first, yes, this will continue until you show yourself as a cunt, then it stops & I become most unfriendly.” & @thorninmud- “But where I fail at the whole friendliness thing is in the follow-through, the social dance that ought to flow from all of those good intentions.”

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@nutallergy A combination of @ucme and @thorninmud! That has to be one of the most amusing possible jelly combinations. Kind of wonder what their responses would be like. :P

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A mod would have to remove there own shit…from time to time.

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When I am gone, I am pretty sure people will say of me “He was friendly”
A little edgy perhaps but certainly “friendly”

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If they take the time to know me, yeah, I think so. But I’m a combination of massively introverted and shy, and because I’m quiet, people make assumptions about me. It also might not help that I’m passionate and stick up for my beliefs vehemently if I think someone has said or done something immoral/cruel – because I go from saying a few words to a rant about how much people can suck.

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Would you say your current avatar shows your shyness or your passion? ;-)

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@Brian1946 That? That’s the completely goofy dork poking her head out. (I’m not nearly as shy online… lol)

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I am the most bizarre mix of friendly and unfriendly. I literally don’t understand my own personality sometimes. Haha.

Like…half the time I don’t want to have to deal with humans other than my boyfriend and I’m a grumpy irritable bastard and nothing is more appealing than locking myself in my room. The other half of the time I want to help everybody with all their problems and want to learn everything about people’s lives and feelings and have conversations until the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know man.

I recently discovered the term “ambivert” which has been made up to describe people who are not exactly introverted and not exactly extraverted, or who flipflop between the two, and I think that must be a good label for me.

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Yes and yes.

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I think do, I certainly try to be.

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